Simple Italian Recipes – 3 Most Embarrassing Mistakes


Simple Italian recipes continue to grow in demand as more people look for ways to feed their families on less money. Cooking at home continues to grow in popularity. Eating out can cost almost twice as much as cooking meals at home. This has led more cost conscious families to flock to Italian recipe sites for tips and ideas on how to make their meals at home more exciting.

Everyone loves Italian food. It has a long and storied exciting taste, robust flavors and aromatic sensations. Everyone has their favorite dish. Some like the romance of ravioli, the excitement of a well made lasagna or the simple thrill of spaghetti and meatballs. Whatever your favorite you can tell when it’s not cooked right. Many new cooks make simple mistakes when it comes to cooking simple Italian recipes. Most new cooks discover cooking these dishes is simple but not always easy.

I’ve uncovered the top 3 mistakes many new cooks make. Take heed to what they are . Do that and you’ll enjoy many tasty meals that will satisfy you and your family.

1. Italian Sauce Too Thin – This is a common mistake new cooks. They put too much water in the tomato sauce. Many new cooks are guilty of doing this in an attempt to save money or stretch the contents. A quick way to fix this is to stir in instant mashed potato flakes. This will quickly thicken the sauce without being noticeable. Be careful not to put too much try adding a spoonful at a time until your sauce reached the desired thickness.

2. Washing The Pasta – Many Italian cooking newbie’s (and some old) make the mistake of washing the pasta under a faucet when its done to rinse out the starch. This is a mistake because the starch is what helps the sauce cling to the pasta, instead of sinking to the bottom of your plate.

3. Failing To Understand The Recipe – In the rush of excitement to started (or finish) many new cooks make the mistake of not finishing when they read the recipe, causing them to miss an important step or ingredient. Many also fail to understand a specific cooking term. They chopped when they should have minced, or the stirred instead of mixed.

By taking the time to heed these simple mistakes you can overcome many obstacles new cooks make. You’ll find yourself cooking your favorite Italian food recipes with more confidence and flair.

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