Simple Remedies For Bad Breath

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By sorakirei on 2008-04-05 20:06:35

Having a bad breath and knowing about it is very upsetting and disgusting for the person who is going through it. In scientific terms, bad breath is also referred to as Halitosis. There are numerous remedies you would come across when searching for a proper cure for this health issue. However, there are a few remedies listed below which would surely be of great help to you:

Maintaining Oral Hygiene:

This is one of the most common remedies to ward off bad breath. Maintaining oral hygiene involves keeping your mouth clean. You can keep your mouth clean with the help of a toothbrush, using a tongue scraper and especially making use of a dental floss.

This remedy might be helpful to only a few people. But you should still continue to maintain oral hygiene as your initial step to cure Halitosis.

Changing Your Diet:

There are a lot of people who would not believe that bad breath can also be caused by certain foods. The bacteria for halitosis work together with these foods and can make your breath really unacceptable. Bad breath is also caused by foods rich in high protein and dairy products.

Eating Sugarless Yogurt:

One of the easiest remedies to cure bad breath is consuming sugarless yogurt. You can add this to your routine meals to see the effect yourself. A Japanese study cleared that people who had included sugarless yogurt in their diet had minor hydrogen sulfide levels compared to those people who did not eat it. Hydrogen sulfide causes bad breath amongst most people. Yogurt helps in reducing bad breath as it contains various live bacteria, such as lactobacillus.

Consuming Vitamin C:

In many cases, bad breath is caused due to tooth decay or unhealthy gums. Vitamin C is a vital ingredient for our gums and teeth. You must try to consume more Vitamin C. A good source of vitamin c is obtained through the consumption of citrus fruits. Vitamin C guards our gums against any diseases and helps to heal the damaged part more quickly. Vitamin C makes your oral surroundings hard for the bad breath bacteria to survive.

Bad Digestion Leads to Bad Breath:

If you are going through continuous problems with your digestive system, this could be another major cause leading to halitosis. If food is not

digested properly, this may produce toxins in your stomach, mouth and intestines. A major symptom is white coating that could be seen on your tongue. You can see this white coating when you wake up in the morning.

Regular Consumption of Fibrous Foods:

If you are serious about getting rid of your bad breath, and are continuously going through problems with your digestion, we have a solution for you. Consume more foods which are high in fiber. Fiber rich foods such as apples, whole grain breads, peaches, cereals and potatoes. will help you to clear out your bowels frequently which in turn will eliminate your bad breath problem.

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