Skiing Through America


The American approach to skiing is slightly different from the European one, where it is still very much a pursuit of the richer. Here it has become intermingled with slacker, youth culture, as snowboarding is just as popular, and some spirit of youth is injected on to the slopes. Yet this is barely a staunch resistance to the bourgeois feel of European slopes, simply a reappraisal. The snowboarders are mostly the spoilt offspring of rich parents, really an appropriation of the slacker culture of the nineties rather than a true extension.


Yet it still leads to a more active slope, more exciting, rather than businessman and their families on a day out, there is at least the chaos and reckless abandon that youth brings.

Here the slopes are fun and fast, and run a whole gamut of levels of capabilities there are a range of slopes that will suit beginners, as well as younger skiers, leading up to intermediate, then to advanced, then perhaps even suicidal, you’d be amazed some of the ski tracks you see on some slopes.


Here are some great ski locations to check out in America.


Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe has the wonderful advantage of being on the border of two states, therefore allowing you two staggering views, on one side the beautiful Lake Tahoe stretches out in front of you like an endless blue crash mat at the foot of the mountain, while on the other side you have that grand Californian wilderness, those towering redwoods that seem to scratch at heaven.

This is a very hip spot, aided by its local area; there are the Lake Tahoe rentals that allow you to take in all the natural beauty of the area while taking the time to hit the slopes. Lake Tahoe itself is a casino town but that does little to detract from the natural splendour of the area.

Here there are some great lively slopes that will please skiers of all ability ranges. If you are feeling particularly decadent you can even partake in the local ‘heli-skiing’ that is jumping out of a helicopter straight on to a slope.



Colorado’s most famous resort is Aspen, a whole town dedicated to skiing and mountain activities. Here there are some great bars which compensate slightly for the steep prices of the slopes; you can get beer and food on the cheap at least. This is a ski resort to the rich and famous full of glitz and glamour though if you have your wits about you can hit these slopes without having to remortgage your home.


The Poconos

The Poconos are some of the great overlooked slopes in America. Generally the area is seen as a retreat with great beauty, but from Poconos rentals you also have access to some great skiing and snowboarding opportunities.



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