Skin Aromatherapy Heals

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By PracticalCures on 2015-11-23 15:44:53

Listen, while premium cosmetics manufacturers catch-up with common sense, you can stay ahead of the curve, using all natural skin aromatherapy as the foundation of your daily beauty routine. All-natural ingredients cost far less than commercial toners, cleansers, and wrinkle creams, and they save the earth as they protect and nourish your delicate complexion. No matter what your skin demands, all-natural delivers.

Skin Aromatherapy for Everyday Skin

Now, before I go on, remember, naturopaths, supermodels, and smart shoppers agree: Give up all those expensive designer-label cleansers, toners, moisturizers, and eye treatments. Even the product labeled “Facelift in a Jar” cannot revitalize your delicate complexion better than essential oils. For your everyday “combination” skin, make the switch to all-natural essential oil products. Even if you have used the very best brands-Philosophy, Bare Escentuals, and Bobbi Brown-your cleansing, moisturizing, and wrinkle-fighting products have contained wax, alcohol, and preservatives. The natural essential oil method deep cleanses, refreshes, and rejuvenates your skin without all those additives.

Your all-natural face has dry spots, oily patches, and a wrinkle or two. Filled with synthetic collagens and methyl-paraben, the priciest remedies seem to work, but you quickly will discover natural nutrient-packed and prepared fresh from the garden, out-performs all the packaged goods at a fraction of their price. Some essential oils clear-up your oily spots, and some fruity and fragrant oils replenish your dry spots. All of Nature’s carrier oils smooth your wrinkles, making those under-eye puffy places disappear. When you use everyday aromatherapy for your skin, even the haughty PTA moms grudgingly will concede, “You look radiant.”

One more thing, do not forget your “bumpy spots,” too. Elbows and knees always require a little extra loving care. Regular moisturizing is good. Regular moisturizing with natural ingredients works even better, nourishing rough, dry skin while anti-oxidants whisk away free radicals. Bumpy spots also include ingrown hairs and razor burn. The very very best Bliss Spa product for treating delicate skin after waxing or shaving contains nothing but pure carrier oils, natural extracts, and a little sea salt-nothing you cannot mix-up on your own for considerably fewer dollars.

Aromatherapy for Troubled Skin

Oddly enough, even hardcore old-school dermatologists now agree your acne treatments should begin with holistic methods and then progress to dangerous, invasive, aggressive procedures only if natural remedies fail. Skin aromatherapy typically does not fail. Bio-medical researchers remain uncertain about the extent to which diet and hormones influence acne. Although they have conducted hundreds of carefully controlled studies, none has shown a decisive link between what you eat and what breaks out on your face, and none has shown that increases or alterations in your androgens and estrogens really determines the presence or absence of pimples. Several studies have shown, however, soothing, cleansing and revitalizing natural methods in combination with diet and exercise clears-up most common acne, whiteheads and blackheads.

What to do for Injured Skin

Seriously, working with the best among hundreds of skin aromatherapy recipes you will find online and at your local essential oils emporium, develop your own all-natural antiseptic and pain-relieving salves and ointments. Calming chamomile and lavender work really well on burns, taking away the pain and minimizing the risk of infection. Mixed with cooling, soothing, healing aloe Vera, chamomile and lavender also take the redness and sting from even the nastiest sunburns; and, applied regularly, the all-naturally ointment typically speeds healing, too. Several websites publish wonderful kid-friendly skin aromatherapy recipes, including one called “boo-boo juice.” A strong-but-gentle combination of analgesics and disinfectants, “boo-boo juice” takes the owie out of almost all routine playtime injuries. Because several clinical studies have indicated anti-biotics contribute to frequent yeast infections in girls and young women, skin aromatherapy effectively replaces Neo-Sporin, eliminating the risk.

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