Smart Women and “Cravings”


A few days ago, my husband Greg and I had dinner with my good friend and smart woman, Diane Elander and her family.  Diane is a “food stylist.” She is an artist who creates that appetizing, desirous emotion that you feel when you see her creations in cookbooks, magazines, and product packaging. When she pulled up her web site and we took a “tour” of her food creations, each photo made your mouth water and “crave” each dish. This got me thinking about how Smart Women create products and services that people are “craving.”

If you look the word “crave” up in the dictionary, its meaning is “to want something desperately.” When I have a “craving” (whether it’s food or something else), I’ll go to just about any length to satisfy that “craving.” This feeling is very strong and powerful.

Are you a woman entrepreneur with a Big Idea? Do you offer products and services that your ideal client is “craving?” Do you have a marketing message that creates a feeling among your clients to “want it desperately?” It’s key that people clearly understand who you are, what you have to offer, and how it will benefit them. Here are a few tips on getting your ideal client to “crave” your product or service desperately:

1. Make “You” irresistible – we all love to spend time with people who are upbeat, energetic, and positive in both our business and personal lives. Ask yourself a question: Do my clients and customers enjoy being with me? Do I greet them by phone or in person with a welcoming smile and energetic response?

2. Design marketing materials that are appealing to your audience– who is your ideal client? Is it women, men, children? Choose a logo that ties into your product or service that people can remember easily. Make sure the color you choose is one that will appeal to your audience. My logo is the nautilus shell as I think it’s a true representation of a woman’s life. My color is lavender. I love that color myself and I know women typically find it appealing.

3. Create packages and special offers that are irresistible – you have a great product or service. You love working with your clients and do a fantastic job. Create packages for your clients that give them access to many of your services and products. People enjoy buying packages. Recently, a friend shared with me that she purchased her air, hotel, and car for a great getaway as a package and loved the idea. My Women’s Success Circles offer group coaching to take you and your business to the next level. It includes private coaching with me as well. Think of ways that you can package your services so that your clients will “crave” them.

That night, we enjoyed a beautiful table setting, refreshing wine, a delicious dinner, and a decadent dessert along with some stimulating conversation. Needless to say, I want to have dinner at Diane’s again “desperately.”

Bon Appetit!

Anything is possible. Everything is waiting for you.

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