Smoking and Skin Wrinkles


If you are a smoker, you probably have heard the warnings more than once. You know that smoking can impact just about every aspect of your health. But do you know that smoking can also destroy the health of your skin?  It can make you look older by creating wrinkles and drying out your skin and all that happens fairly quick compared to other things that affect aging of your skin. It alters the color of your skin as well. This gives you yet another reason to try to kick that habit.

Smoking impacts your circulatory system, which is a huge health impact. This produces health risks and harms your skin as well. The layers of your skin are not properly nourished when there is not proper blood flow. Elasticity in your skin will be affected by smoking. Your body will start to produce more free radicals and therefore increase your risks of disease and illness while also damaging the skin. Smoking will even dehydrate your skin causing dry and unhealthy skin layers.

You will develop more wrinkles than people who do not smoke. The wrinkles will be even more noticeable and can age you a great deal. The tone of your skin will change with years of smoking. It might already be looking yellow with hints of gray. So not only will you not feel so great, your skin won’t look too good either. The best thing you can do for yourself is to stop smoking. If you are exposed to second hand smoke on a regular basis your skin can also be affected. Try to get the loved ones in your life to stop smoking.

You might find it difficult to stop smoking or simply not be willing to try. There are a few things you can try to reduce effects of smoking on your skin. You will want to eat foods with plenty of Vitamins C, A and E. Try using antioxidant creams to help fight free radicals. Look for skin products that contain nutrients that are ideal for the skin. Remember, the best option for your health and just as importantly for your skin is by far is to quit smoking.

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