SMS ? an effective means of marketing


Technology has grown up with time and becomes more and more popular. One of the most important achievements of technology is mobile phone. Contrary to imagine for some previous days, mobile phones are more available and everyone can access and own this kind of handset. The number of people with different income using mobile phone has increased each day in spite of economic slowdown. It is the advantage of technology in improving men’s life that they use it for various purposes and ways, and SMS is a part of this latest technology.


SMS is considered as a tool of marketing. The latest innovation in the field of marketing has helped businesses and customers save plenty of precious time. It is shown that people pay little attention to products which are marketed through unwritten message and they are hardly interested in those products and sometimes get annoyed. The obvious evidence that shows their inattention is concerning about wasted time. Therefore, SMS proves that it has more effective communication than verbal message. Using SMS in marketing is fast and the message can be sent to many people. Thus, SMS marketing is really convenient and profitable.


The process of using SMS in marketing is not difficult. After subscribing to use SMS services offered by provider, the thing you need to do is to compose and send SMSs to numerous number of people. It takes little time to deliver your communication to the wanted customers.


The development of this marketing revolution has started since early 2000. From this year, there has been a successful impetus in this intermediate means. The most recent addition in the field of marketing has been going to its peak and at its fast speed. In some countries in Asia where SMS marketing is legal, it is attributed to the existing marketing strategies. There are still longing for using this medium despite its drawbacks. The crucial reason is that each message allows only 160 words, so you have to make your message short and direct to the main ideas, thus being within the limitation. However, it is good for customers because they do not have to read much and get puzzled by word tinkle but feeling bothered. In addition, customers have choice of taking no notice and deleting the unwanted communication instead of having to hear verbal message all the time. In some other parts of the world like North America, Western regions, marketing messages become popular and receive ravishing reaction.


It is evident that SMS’s popularity makes itself the latest innovation of marketing medium.

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