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By R. Motti on 2006-11-20 09:31:55

Are you a habitual snorer? Even if not, are you still interested in knowing some snoring solutions? Snoring not only affects you by denying you a good night’s sleep, but also the people around you by irritating them. In fact, some people are such habitual snorers that they snore every time they take a nap, no matter how minor a nap is.

There are many causes of snoring. Identifying the cause in your case is important in order to come up with the right  snoring remedies.

Snoring is as a result of your nasal passage getting partly blocked. This disrupts the smooth flow of air into your lungs. This is something that is caused by a number of factors. Among them is old age, alcohol, smoking, obesity, sinus problems, sex (Men have narrower air passages than women) and a bad sleeping posture.

The  snoring solutions are different for each of the causes. For example, the snoring remedy for an overweight individual would be exercising and loosing weight. This tones the muscles on the throat allowing for efficient flow of air and hence snoring is eliminated.

For alcoholics and smokers on the other hand, the snoring solution is rather obvious. Although this may be hard, one needs to quite smoking and taking alcohol. This allows the membranes within the throat to heal and cease to be irritated hence snoring completely stops over a period of time.

You should also seek to ensure that the place you sleep is well aerated. This is to provide the humidity necessary to prevent irritation of the membranes of the throat that causes snoring. Try and also establish regular sleeping patterns as this removes the unnecessary fatigue build up when you sleep, hence allowing the air to freely floe into and out of the lungs through the nasal passage.

One of the most effective snoring remedies is to so minor throat exercises. How is this done? One of the activities in the routine is to ensure that you say all the vowels sounds out loud for three minutes per session, three sessions per day. Other activities include; placing your tongue behind your front teeth and sliding it backwards for 3 minutes every day and closing your mouth with pursing your lips for 30 seconds every day. The last activity would be to open your mouth wide and contract the throat muscles such that the uvula moves up and down.

The most important of all snoring solutions is to ensure that you are comfortable when you sleep. How can this be done? You should ensure that your body feels relaxed when you sleep and to help you achieve this, there are many types of pillows that you can use. The most effective pillow would be one that provides ample support for the head and the neck when you sleep. This in turn ensures that there is a smooth flow of air through the air passage, as well as an efficient blood flow to the head.


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