Snowboard Stomp Pads


The purpose of the board stomp pads is actually very simple. The stomp pads allow the boarder to obtain grip with their boot in situations where they may only have one foot locked into the bindings. For example, whenever the boarder is walking or riding on the lift, they usually only have their front foot strapped in, which then allows them to use their other foot for walking, climbing, etc. The stomp pads allow the boarder to temporarily step on the board while obtaining some kind of a grip, temporarily.

There is a new device that has been released called Strap pads. This is just another version of the stomp pads in only that it offers a Velcro strap where the boarder can temporarily slide their non-banded foot into to temporarily release the pulling sensation that they can obtain whenever the weight of the board is pulling on one leg, as in riding the chair lift.

Pads are just another accessory that is available for your board. Pads can be “normal” or they can be decorated. Depending upon what you like as an individual, will depend upon what you buy. You can buy girly pads or more masculine pads. You can buy simple pads or they can be more intricately designed.

Pads can be logos, pictures, or whatever else that you can imagine. You can have custom pads designed if you would like. Pads can resemble stickers in the way that they are designed, like with writing, etc. The only difference is that they offer traction for the boarder, as stickers do not. Pads can definitely help to decorate your board, whether you are looking for something plain or something that grabs the attention of others. Don’t be afraid to reflect your personality when it comes to your pads.

You will definitely want to purchase and use pads on your snowboard. This is another type of a safety feature that you can incorporate while using your snowboard. They help to provide traction which will help you from getting from point A to point B for a course transition. This would be a bad way to have an accident. You wouldn’t want to tell your buddies that your snowboarding accident was a result of trying to get back to the course. That’s just silly and not respectable. Make sure that you take all precautions when it comes to safety and that includes installing pads on to your snowboard.

Stomp pads are fairly inexpensive. You can usually purchase a stomp pad for just a couple of dollars and up. You usually purchase stomp pads separately, as in one; therefore, you can use different designs on your board if you want. As with everything else that pertains to skateboards, if you choose to go with branded logo stomp pads, you can expect to pay more as most manufacturers of snowboarding equipment also offers stomp pads; however, you can purchase stomp pads pretty much anywhere and not necessarily from snowboard manufacturers.

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