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Today, of course, Brazilians play with the distinctive yellow and blue shirt. The advent of textile industry brought dramatic changes to the soccer jersey and uniform industry as well. The game became more popular anyway and fans were multiplying. The new jersey was made from polyester; a synthetic material that is quite much lighter and doesn’t not glue to the body when sweating. The change in the material was combined with a general change in mentality and understanding of the game. Teams started having huge sponsors: the new jerseys carried the logo of the team and the brand names of the multinational corporate groups that sponsor them. Marketing entered soccer in the most effective way. Today, soccer jerseys are the absolute sport memorabilia and gadget. The authentic ones, distributed for sale by the teams, are sold in high prices. Fans do buy them though; it is estimated that 500.000 new soccer jerseys are sold every month internationally. Fans prefer buying the jerseys that carry the number and name of their favorite player. Jerseys with names like Beckham, Henry, Kaka are highly in demand. Teams and the manufacturers of their uniforms implement expensive marketing campaigns so as to boost the sales of soccer jerseys. These campaigns bring them thousands of dollars every month. There are replicas too; they are less expensive and they can be found almost everywhere. Soccer jersey represents the true identity of a soccer player, thus, it is not surprising that so many fans relate to it. There are indeed, some amazing soccer jerseys available today, mostly because teams spend huge amounts of money today so as to have a great uniform” style is important in sports as well. The goalkeeper jersey is usually the funnier, because it’s different than the rest and it is still one of the most popular jerseys sold all over the world. Fans cherish the soccer jersey they buy. For some of them it becomes something like a second skin, since it’s practical, light and represents what they love the most: soccer and their favorite soccer team.

Impact resistant, foam filled,through the double-lined EVA comfort and safety professional Leggings

Product name: England Soccer Shin Guards

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Must Read before You Make The Order

1. About Size Choice:
Please carefully view the SIZE on both Length and Chest beofore placing your order. We kindly advise customers order the jersey one size larger than your intended size, as our jersey belongs to Asian Style and it is a non-refundable product.
2. About Printing:
For your request of printing player number or name on jersey, please select above right options and provide the details on the order remark for your order(Please DO NOT write these information on below input area). It is free to print number, but US$ 1.62 is needed for printing name.
3. About Logo:
All the jerseys we sell are manufactured by Chinese factories, not original one, so it will have no logo like “ADIDAS” or “NIKE” on them. But its looking is the same as shown in the picture.
4. About Item Request:
To prevent you from writing an item request in a review , Pls kindly refer following steps when you are ordering: you should submit your item request in COMMENT BOX which will show up when you complete the SHIPPING ADDRESS and PAYMENT METHOD.

Please pick out your size , write them in the comments which will show up on next process page.
If you have special instructions for your order such as dropshipping order, gift order etc, please let us know! Please write down the size you want. Thanks. For example: “Size:L”.

Size Available: L / XL / XXL / XXXL
Size Height(inch / cm) Jersey total length(inch / cm) Chest (inch / cm)
Adult-L 65-67 / 165-170 27 / 68.5 42 / 106.5
Adult-XL 67-69 / 170-175 29 / 73.5 44 / 111.5
Adult-XXL 69-71 / 175-180 30 / 76 45 / 114
Adult-XXXL 71-73 / 185-185 31 / 78.5 46 / 116.5
Adult-XXXXL (Not for Soccer Jersey) 73-75 / 185-190 33.5 / 85 48.5 / 123

Child-XS – 20 / 50.5 31 / 78.5
Child-S – 21.5 / 54.5 34 / 86.5
Child-M – 23 / 58.5 37 / 94
Child-L – 24 / 60 39 / 99

This is a great Jersey!
Made of top notch moisture control 100% Polyester material.
Unit Package Weight:0.6kg

Notice:Don’t Wash by Machine!

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