Solo Professional Antique Dealer Consultants


It’s hard to tell what a piece of antique furniture or antique item is worth. Countless individuals go to garage sales and thrift stores, even estate sales and scour over the hundreds and thousands of items to find something that is old, which is actually worth something. It takes a lot of knowledge, skill, and experience to know what is what. Perhaps, you’ve seen the antique dealer consultants on TV, where they set up shop and people bring them all their own items and they help appraise each item for the owner.

Did you know in times of recession and antique dealer consultants are in huge demand?

It’s true, and the reason is that people who are experiencing tough financial times look for items that may have been in their family for a long time, such as old family heirloom’s and they start considering on selling them. Of course, they can sell anything until it is appraised, and once it is often an antique dealer has someone looking for that type of item.

Solo professional antique dealer consultants can work out of their home and they often do.

It is absolutely amazing how busy they are and trying to get an appointment with one, it is a lot tougher than one might think. Perhaps, you should look into being a solo professional antique dealer consultant in your area. Check in the phonebook and see how many people are doing those services in your area. You may find that there are not many competitors and so this might be a perfect business for you.

Is there training required you ask?

Yes, you can actually go to classes to learn how to be an antique dealer. Or if you already have lots of experience dealing antiques you might already have most of what you need, and once you get a set of antique value guides, you are good to go. Please consider all this.

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