Some Common Earache Remedies

.tags Earaches can be a very painful situation to handle, for both adults and children. The most common occurrence for ear pain is because of fluid or infection in the middle ear. It is necessary to have an ear doctor to have a look at your ear to clean it professionally. It is also important to clean your ears with a small and soft cotton bud, and not use any sharp objects to clean the ears. This might lead to infection or bacterial growth in the ear. Cleaning the ear is very important because infection will not only lead to a painful earache, but in severe conditions it many also lead to swelling, irritation and in some condition to hearing loss.

Some of the causes of earaches are

1. Cold
2. Excess wax in the ear
3. Injuries to the ear
4. Sinus problems
5. Other allergies
6. If any substance is stuck in the ear

Although it is a good idea to visit the doctor so that it can be treated in the correct manner, but here are some homemade remedies as well. These homemade remedies will give the person an immediate relief and help them relax. Have a look at these effective earache remedies

1. Castor oil

Castor oil is one of the most effective remedies for earache. Dip a cotton ball in castor oil and pour a few drops into the ear. This will draw out the infection from your ears; this is an easy and effective remedy.

2. A warm and moist towel

A warm and moist towel can work wonders for an earache. Just place the towel on top of your ears, and this will give a soothing effect to your ears.

3. Hot air

With the help of a blow drier, you can try blowing hot air into the aching ear. Not only will this sooth the ear but it may also melt the wax inside it. It is very important to make sure the hair drier is kept away from the ear and that the air is not too hot.

1. Olive oil

When half a clove of garlic is lightly heated and is added to olive oil, it makes a very good home remedy. With the help of a cotton ball, which is dipped in the oil you can pour a few drops into the ear. And after a gap of ten minutes you can pour the oil into the next ear. Before pouring the oil into your ears, make sure the oil is not too hot by checking it on the back of your hand.

2. Sesame oil

Repeat the same process with a teaspoonful of sesame oil, by adding half a clove of garlic to it. And then heating it on a low flame or popping it in the microwave till it becomes a little warm. Pour a few drops of the oil in one ear, and after ten minutes pour the oil in the other ear. Garlic is often preferred because it has antibiotic properties that will kill the bacteria.

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