Some Facts Related To Gasification System

{flickr|100|campaign} Biomass gasifier such as Biomass units make electricity and thermal energy from woody waste involving woody chips from hard and soft wood, sawdust pellets, nut shells, coconut shells, corncobs.

Biomass energy helps around 11% of the global energy supply. It has also been noticed that almost 2 billion people across the globe depend on Biomass for energy needs. Gasification system of plasma is not cheap or small, also there is an operating cost involved in running it. There are many towns and cities which are not able to give one. But when land fills up maximum people switch to some other options. In fact it represents few cleanest as well as eco-friendly ways to recycle the garbage.

Well wood gasification is a process where the wood is changed in to carbon monoxide and hydrogen by reacting the raw material at high temperature with limited amount of oxygen gas. If the oxygen gas is not used then wood cannot be burnet and that is the reason it turns in to gaseous form. In the internal combustion engine this gas is also used as fuel. On internet you will get to know about number of oil expeller manufacturer.

UEC targets towards offering biomass gasifier solution to number of industries and rural applications. Biomass gasification system made by the UEC India strives towards giving competitive and affordable electric supply and also renewable energy tool services to the rural regions where plantations as well as agricultural wastes were also available. We established our business in the year 1951. We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of the equipment as well as turnkey projects for the vegetable oil processing, biomass gasifier, renewable energy equipment, oil seed extraction, and renewable energy equipment and gasification system. We have also earned good name as oil expeller manufacturer. Its been 58 years we are still installing turnkey projects over 35 nations. Unites has developed itself as main supplier of the reliable, efficient solutions cost effective and equipment.

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