Some Guides For Vacation In the Algarve, Portugal


Have you ever come to the Algarve, Southern Portugal which is renowned for great seafood and the production of other foodstuffs? Though any family containing fussy eaters, it is an easy choice to enjoy some fantastic food here, from authentic cuisine of the local area, to many English style pubs and restaurants. Here is some information about it.


A good all round resort, the Algarve is a place where active life can be indulged in. There are many famous golfing courses in the area, which are best used in late Autumn to late Spring, when there is a nice heat and good playing conditions. There are 35 courses to choose from just in the Algarve, so it is easy to get over there with your clubs and enjoy many games as lazy days stretch by and you compete with your fellow golfers. Mostly along the very south of the region, you should explore all of the courses, and work your way from the western tip of the region to the eastern tip in order to make the most of every course you can. With a nice variety of food establishments and club houses mixed in amongst them, every course is a little bit different and a thoroughly relaxing holiday can be had with one of your favourite pastimes as the centrepiece.


Outdoor bowls and tennis are both sports which also have greens and courts scattered around, so you can make the most of your favourite activity in the sun, under the beautiful Portuguese skies. Watersports, with the coast being a dominant part of the region, are also an obviously popular choice for holiday goers too. Go on a coastal cruise in the Santa Bernada Pirate Ship, which goes to Lagos in the west and east to Armação de Pêra. The caves of the area can all be seen and maybe explored by people on board this trip, before a beautiful beach emerges where there will be a barbeque and a chance to snorkel out to see the wildlife. There are 3 programmes offered by the operators of this ship, so you can choose something to suit you for a lovely day out exploring the landscape and hidden treasures of the Algarve.


Zoomarine is a great choice for families and has dolphin, seal and sea lion shows as well as a fairground with amusement rides you can partake in. The Dolphin Interaction Programme is also something that can be taken advantage of here (there is free park entry if you do) and allows you to get close to the dolphins themselves and learn about them whilst being able to swim in the same waters, watched by an instructor.


Similarly, Lagos Zoo is home to the Iberian Lynx and other both regional and more exotic creatures, so you can see an array of wildlife. Young children will love petting ponies, ducks, chickens and other animals in the interactive areas of the zoo. There is plenty to do all day here, with education being a priority through a series of available activities within the grounds, which will promote learning and fun, before a great meal on site.


With many tourist attractions, as well as the usual beaches, the Algarve offers a new world to explore if you book a holiday to this area, either for the renowned sports activities or just for a nice break away from home.


Happy Holidays

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