Some Tips For International Travel Checklist


Have you ever be caught in unpredictable circumstances while flying overseas? It may happen before reaching that foreign country. So, this article will share you some simple tips on a travel checklist to avoid undesirable situations.


Customs, Passports and Visas

To visit any foreign country, you need a valid passport. The problem comes with visas and work permits. You will be required to produce your visa when you enter or leave a foreign country, which is generally in the form of a stamp or notation that is attached to your passport. Make it a point to get your visa beforehand. Never leave it to be acquired later. Sometimes there are delays in procuring a visa, and you end up wasting your time and money in the middle of your travel. If you are visiting a country for official business, then you will be asked to produce a work permit.


There are serious customs regulations in a number of countries. Check in advance what items you are allowed to carry. Do not take penknives, scissors, or anything that resembles a weapon. Leave all your precious and religious jewelry at home. If you’re carrying a camera, then you might be required to have a permit for that as well in some countries. Do not buy any wildlife souvenirs. They might be illegal in your own country.



Remember to leave your planned route of travel with somebody back home. Also leave a copy of all your travel documents. Do not travel without insurance. Check the offer document carefully to see if it covers any adventurous activities that you might be involved in, such as extreme water sports. Do not discuss your itinerary with strangers. Make sure that you know the emergency helpline numbers of the country where you’re going. Also keep the contact information of your embassy in that country. When abroad, do not show off your valuable gadgets. Avoid eating and drinking at isolated places. Use packaged drinking water, if possible. Always respect the local law and be careful not to enter into quarrels with the locals.



Inform your airline about non-tagged luggage immediately if you notice any. Keep a small guidebook, preferable the one that has some expressions in the foreign language. A small and basic first aid kit might come in handy. If you’re not taking a cell phone, make sure that you rent one.


Taking these simple measures will ensure that you will be safe and enjoy a convenient stay.


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