Spanish subjunctive and Spanish Language


Do you know what Spanish subjunctive is? The word subjunctive is quite unfamiliar word in English thus it brings confusion to most people. The word is rarely use in English but it is use often in Spanish. Let us see then its definition and how and when it is use.


What is subjunctive?


Subjunctive as define by online dictionary as “a verb mood used in dependent clauses to express emotion, opinion, judgment or action that has not yet occurred.”


So subjunctive is not a tense but a mood since a tense usually tell when an action actually happens while a mood shows the speakers feeling about the action. To give an illustration so as to understand it clearly, take a look of the following example.


“The professor suggests that the student take his project home.” Here the subjunctive is “the student take”. From the example given it is quite clear the definition of subjunctive.


How do you use it?


Subjunctive mood is quite the opposite of indicative mood where indicative mood expresses certainty and objectivity while subjunctive is the opposite, it express uncertainty and subjectivity. Take a look of the following sentence.


“I know Joy is going to the doctor”. This is a sample of indicative mood since it express that Joy is going to the doctor is certain. Another example is “I hope Joy goes to the doctor”- This is one example of subjunctive mood where it declares uncertainty whether Joy would go to a doctor.


When do you use it?


There is a simple rule to follow using subjunctive mood. If  the sentence use a main clause and is proceeded by the second clause and when you see that the main clause tells certainty or objectivity then it will use the indicative mood but if the main clause tells of uncertainty and subjectivity then it is subjunctive mood. Take the above example, “I know Joy is going to the doctor”- I know is the main clause which tells certainty and objectivity thus in indicative mood while the second sentence “I hope Joy goes to the doctor” – I hope is the main clause which tells uncertainty and subjectivity thus in subjunctive mood.


Knowing what subjunctive is and how and when its use is very helpful in your study of Spanish language. To understand what it is will help you in your Spanish grammar construction. Although it is not much use in English grammar but it is mostly use in Spanish grammar. Learning everything there is to know in Spanish language is a big help besides it would be wonderful to be able to speak fluently and create grammatically correct Spanish sentences. It would be great accomplishment on your part especially if Spanish is not your native language.


So take advantage and explore the Spanish language on your own or you can take comprehensive online courses to advance your study for Spanish language. There are a lot of websites that offers online program courses for different languages and Spanish is one of them. Being one of the most widely spoken languages along with English and French, It will be a great opportunity for you to learn the language.

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