Special Show


On nowadays, people would like to enjoy the different shows, such as soup shows, car shows. By the social developed, more and more things bacome famous and be recepted by people, like lingerie shows. In fact, people think the T-show is so common for us to enjoy. The same thing is that lingerie also is a kind of fashion show. In 2010, there is a huge show for the wrold that is the Victorias Secret Fashion Show 2010. We can say that the Fashion Show takes us lots of topics. People began to discuss it.
Obviously, some people who like fashionable things think that the lingerie show is a kind of art show. The basic purpose is that the designer wants people all of the world can feel the thinking of the lingerie. The designer wants to express her ideas to other people by this kind of show. However, another people just think that thiskind of lingerie show is not suitbale for people in public place. It may has some bad efferts for people.
Well, it is hard to judge which one is right. Every thing has two aspects. In my opinion, lingerie show is a commom show for people who are stay in this field and who love this kind of fashion show. Take the Victorias Secret Fashion Show 2010 for example, it is truly a successful show for the designer. The huge fahion ternd effect the fashion world deeply. Maybe in the next year, the lingeries feathers will be send to all dofferent palces of the world. People can enjoy the fashion infoemations. Besides that the company can show their works by this vivid show.
On the other hand, some people has their own thinking. In the society, may a small part of people will misunderstand the real mean of the lingeire show. They can not really enjoy it and learn it from the show.
Even though, the huge Victorias Secret Fashion Show 2010 make many designers who come from different countries have special inspirations. Maybe in the next year, you will see many different new lingeries on the market or fashion shows.

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