Sperm Count Boosts With Supplements

Sperm Count Boosts With Supplements
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While certain drugs, such as marijuana (and all her illegal friends) and anti fungal medicine, may hinder sperm production, others, like testosterone therapy, may help increase sperm production. As well, certain natural supplements promise to increase sperm production.

L-carnitine, found in red meat and milk, is a natural amino acid, and increases sperm production and speed. Of course, it can also be taken as a supplement.

Folic acid (or L-lysine — all foods made with grains must be fortified with folic acid), when combined with zinc, increases the amount of sperm produced.

L-arginine (found in nuts, sesame seeds, eggs, and meat) is also highly regarded as a sperm enhancer.

Also, antioxidants such as vitamin E and selenium also improve sperm speed and concentration.

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