Spice D88 GOLD Mobile


Dual SIM mobile are huge in demand today due to their double sim supported attitude that one will not have to have two mobiles to keep alive his two contact numbers, now with this kind of mobile phones, a person can simultaneously use both of the numbers and enjoy the services of two networks, looking at the growing demands of dual sim supported mobile phones, almost all the big players have come up with their respective models or about to come, but the matter of the fact is, trend of such mobiles was taken by small & local players, and Spice has been among the brands which initiated assembling this kind of phones, and this is the reason why spice mobile India has got a hold on a big market stake.

Spice D88 Gold is one of the best dual sim supported mobile phones, as you would see that most of dual SIM phones support the GSM networks, both the sims in the mobiles should have been GSM, but this particular model supports both GSM & CDMA network, so you won’t really have to carry another mobile phone for your CDMA number, and you would be able to use both of the numbers at the same times, as if you are talking through one of your numbers and someone has called you up on your other number so it would show you that too, so you can easily swap and hold in between numbers, which is a great feature in this.

One more factor that stands Spice D88 Gold out of the league setting its own benchmark is its appealing look, it is one of the best designed phone by the designers of Spice mobiles, the phone catches your attention at very first sight only, the entire body has got a quite balanced figure, the overall height, width & thickness are kept around 106.85mm, 47.15mm & 14.82mm along with the 2 inches of TFT display, so it becomes a real compact phone that is pocketable, palmable and easy carrying, and the best part is dual color tone body, it has got the dazzling gold-black color outer body. Furthermore if we talk about the loaded features, you would find it complete advanced and multiple functioning mobile phone, it owns 1.3 mega pixel camera, GPRS/WAP/Bluetooth support, Multi codec supported audio & video player, FM radio with live recording option, built in opera mini browser, remote control application, 2 GB memory card support and various standard features & applications.

Above all the price of Spice D88 Gold is pretty affordable that you will not have to think so much before spending money; you can check & buy it online as well.

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