Spicy plantations of Kerala


There are always some associations attached with a particular word, place, state or country. There is no harm while doing this because it is good to have the positives and negatives of anything and everything. Kerala, situated in the south of India also have some clichés attached to it.

In smooth flow of conversations, there are some things which keep getting repeated and you can’t help it. Have you ever noticed that when you talked about Kerala, there was always a mention of Kerala backwaters which is not worth a miss? Although it is true that the best thing to visit in Kerala is Backwaters but it is not a license not to visit other places. Other places are equally good and some may find them more than just good. Let’s talk about them so that even they get into the limelight.

These “other” places I am talking about are tea plantations. Somehow, we are aware of their existence in Kerala and the credit goes to our school books and teachers. We have never really bothered about going there and finding out how interesting can it get. Spice and tea plantations in Kerala are the ‘greens’ of Kerala. By ‘greens’, I mean it is the soul of Kerala. Think how this world would look like without the green colour i.e. without the nature. Speaking frankly, it is the barren world with no jolly good aura around. Therefore there are no smiles, no laughs thereby leading to dead lives.

Make sure that in your next Kerala Tours, you do visit the spice and tea plantations. The famous ones with the picturesque view, an ideal view for the romanticism are Vagamon, Vandiperiyar, Erumeli, Siruvani and Attappadi. The spices which are the proud products of these plantations are Black Pepper, Ginger, Clove, Garcinia, Vanilla, Paprika, Turmeric, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, and Cardamom.

These plantations are the answer to the hot and humid climate of Kerala. They provide a happy compensation to the troubled moods you spend in the region of Kerala. They are the hidden exotic flavours of India dwelling at a height of 1000 metres.

The fantasy like living in a cottage hut spending the memorable times is a reality in this Tour of India. This lifestyle may not matter to the localites there but it does matter to the city clubbers who are fed up of hurried lives. They love it when life moves at a slow pace getting time to feel nature, love nature.

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