Stand Up Comedy Tips That Teach You How To Be Funny

.tags Many individuals want to learn how to be funny; some with the reason of wanting to impress their dates, while others aim to earn money. If you have the talent to make people laugh, you actually have the chance to be a stand-up comedian/comedienne. Remember though that comics do not only rely on funny jokes to say, but also on their ability to deliver jokes and lines that can make the audience crack up. Here are a few stand up comedy tips that you can follow to up your chances of becoming a successful and really funny comic:

Try To Be As Unique As Possible

If you really want to succeed as a comedienne or comedian, it is important that you give your audience a unique show. This means sharing jokes that are unique, specifically the ones you created yourself. Rephrasing another comedian’s joke, or totally copying them and then using them in your show is something you have to avoid if you really aim to know how to be funny. Joke copycats usually fail as comics, thus, better come up with your own jokes that will make people laugh.

Have The Right Attitude

One of the most vital stand up comedy tips is to perform with the right attitude. Funny jokes to say do not necessarily mean that you have to criticize people in the audience from the start to the end of the show just to entertain the audience. As much as possible, dish out jokes that do not only depend on criticisms and back stabbings as that is one way of having a good attitude as a comedy bar performer.

Learn From The Experts

Another strategy to develop your skill to make people laugh more easily is for you to watch seasoned comedians from time to time. You should visit a famous comedy club, then, watch and observe popular comedians. Take note of their performances, their styles and techniques, and then, if you see something that suits you well, take inspiration from that technique. Do not copy funny jokes to say by the other comics – just learn from them and take inspiration.

Watch Yourself Perform

Part of how to be funny is observing your own performance. How can you do this? Well, you can practice your piece in front of the mirror and observe how you tell jokes, your facial expressions, your actions, etc. If you’re not satisfied with what you see and you can’t even make yourself shake with peals of laughter, how can you expect to make people laugh? Included in effective stand up comedy tips is to record a video of your performance, watch it, and then, take steps to improve on the areas you feel are lacking.

Get Other People’s Feedback

To really have funny jokes to say for your next performance, it is also important that you get the approval and comments of other people e.g. acquaintances, friends, loved ones, etc. When you have new jokes or ideas for your performance, aside from practicing it by yourself, practice it with other people watching. This is a method of constructive criticism that will surely help you achieve the goal of how to be funny.

The stand up comedy tips found in this article are must dos by people who want to earn income as they make people laugh as a comic.

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