Start Your Day Off Right, Avoid These Breakfast Foods


Breakfast may be considered the most important meal of the day however in order to achieve an effective and easy weight loss there are certain items that should be avoided when preparing your morning meal. There are many benefits to a good breakfast upon rising in the morning. It will provide you with energy to hold you over until you are able to eat your lunch time meal and above all it will enable you to concentrate much better then you would do if you had not eaten the breakfast. The best part however is that if properly done a breakfast can contribute greatly to easy weight loss.

To most people breakfast is nothing more then another meal. To a dietician is provides a source of vital nutrients to the body such as calcium from the milk you drink, fiber and antioxidants from the whole grains within your cereals and breads. It only goes to prove that as wise dieters we should select only healthy breakfast foods and completely avoid any breakfast items which show no nutritional value what so ever.

In considering the items that one should avoid during breakfast we find high on our list Carrot Cake Muffins. Generally when someone who is interested in their health and losing weight hears the word carrot they immediately think the item is healthy and good for them however most of the commercially produced carrot cake muffins contain high quantities of fat and dangerous numbers of calories. A single serving of this popular breakfast item from your local coffee shop chain store is likely to contain at least 680 calories along with around 40 grams of damaging fat. These types of items are certain to destroy any easy weight loss program you may be undertaking.

Now let’s return to that coffee shop we mentioned above and talk about the doughnuts. Doughnuts are another no-no food when you are on a diet. You never should have donuts as a breakfast food since they are another high calorie item. In this case you can be eating as much as 200 calories per glazed donut. Donuts are made with grease so they naturally have a lot of fat content. It would be as if you were having French fries for breakfast when you think of the high fat content. Those doughnuts which are made with fillings will contain even higher calories counts therefore it would be in your best interests to stay away from donuts for breakfast.

Another item that is similar to the donut is the frozen waffles. These are another example of empty high calories products when it comes to weight loss and breakfast foods. Most of the frozen waffles which are purchased in the grocery store are essentially nothing more then refined grain with refined sugar added to it. The item totally lacks any value as a healthy food and certainly can be useless for those people who may be on an easy weight loss diet. In addition since most people add margarine and syrup on their waffles at breakfast time we can see the calorie meter going even higher. This is another item to scratch off your morning breakfast list.

Shall we now turn our attention to fast food breakfast meals such as McDonald’s Deluxe Breakfast. Here we have items such as scrambled eggs, sausages, hash browns and pancakes with all the trimmings. Cover your eyes for a moment as I let you know what the calorie content is on this deluxe breakfast. Are you ready? It is a shocking 1,120 calories. As if that wasn’t enough this combination from McD’s also contains 61 grams of fat, In case you do not know 61 grams of fat is the same as taking 13 teaspoons of straight vegetable oil all at one sitting. Isn’t that a scary thought to say the least?

At least you have some idea of what not to eat now for your morning breakfast when you are on an easy weight loss program. You can find plenty of wholesome foods that are good for your health as well as for your diet.

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