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.tags Huang Guangyu Remark, “If I only do appliances or only do business

Real estate Or only do capital operation, I can not get a long-term, large-scale development. By one-way will not work. “Huang Guangyu is being built through the diversification of business with a strong business empire.

10 years Home Appliances Retail , The princes of Central Plains, from the small shop lined stage to mixed competition with giant, 50-year history of foreign counterparts, China would have a “lightweight” and asking for the moon, said of Hu Qing red top: “There is a country perspective, we can make a country’s business; have a vision of the province of a province will be able to do business. “while

States United States It is precisely because of its unique vision, a leading industry giants from the small shop lined the course to the most dazzling star, in part, to the country represented by U.S. non-public economy in the electrical retail industry overall rise, so The industry reached the realm of people dream?? foreign enterprises should not worried about how the post-WTO era as Chinese home appliance retail sector, but how Chinese companies are burning the war overseas.

States United States the three innovations

First in 1993 to several stores in Beijing, “State House”, “Asia and China”, “Henderson”, etc., unification as “GOME”, with its own brand. This expansion of the country and the United States laid the foundation for the future, Wong Kwong Yu can be said is the

Entrepreneur The earliest of “brand consciousness” one.

The second time, in the second half of 1996 to

Chang , Haier And other domestic appliances business, led by rising domestic appliance brand momentum is irresistible. Huang Guangyu of China home appliance manufacturing industry has experienced the unique advantages and the enormous potential, he quickly simply the product structure from the previous shift operator operating domestic brands of imported goods, almost overnight, all the domestic brands are steadily standing of the country’s Showcase on the United States. Now, domestic, joint venture accounts for national U.S. brands to 90% of goods sold.

Third time in 1999, the National United States out of the capital, began a nationwide cross-boundary management. Starting from Tianjin, Shanghai, Chengdu … … all the way to conquer new territories, so far the country more than 40 U.S. cities in the country has its own “force.”

Three chain Gome 2004 backdoor listing after Huang Guangyu, the establishment of the three chain model Mixed group of companies: the first chain of retail and real estate enterprises from the electrical form, which is operating profit of the industrial base. The chain to Eagle Property, Gome (listed company holding 65% of subsidiary) based; second chain from the internal capital allocation in the investment business structure, which is the company a platform for internal cash flow. Peng-Thai chain to invest in Eagle Investment, the National US-based investment; third chain from the listed company engaged in the operation of capital structure, a group of companies take to enlarge the mission of the wealth effect of operational entities. By 2006, this chain there is only one company listed Gome Electrical Appliances.

Then, “the U.S. State Department,” the three major industries is how to build up the chain? What is the relationship between? Them in the “U.S. Department of State,” What is the role of each?

Electrical retail business is loss to win?

Beijing is a “U.S. Department of State,” the development of the base. In 1987, Huang Guangyu and brother Huang Junqin in Beijing opened its first electrical stores, set up the Beijing Gome Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd. (“Beijing Gome”). In 1993, the “Beijing Gome” started to develop its stores network, followed by stores operated by the use of “Gome” brand. In 1999, “U.S. State Department,” began to expand to areas outside of Beijing to set up the first store in Tianjin, followed by, respectively, Chengdu, Chongqing, Xi’an, China, setting up stores in other major cities. 2004 “U.S. State Department” backdoor listing before the electrical retail business, has been set up around the “Chengdu States United States”, “Chongqing States United States”, “Fuzhou States United States”, “Hong Kong Country United States” and dozens of electrical appliances retailer.

From “U.S. Department of State,” Electrical spin-off process of listing retail business, we can determine, “Beijing Gome” belong “to the U.S. Department of State,” electrical retail business in the high-quality assets.

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