Stop The Sneezing “?” 8 Allergy Relief Tips

.tags 1. Seasonal cleaning. Just because its called a Spring clean, doesnt mean it only happens once a year. Aim to have a big tidy up once every season. Vacuum, dust and wipe every single surface in your home. Getting rid of dust, mould and fluff around your house helps to keep the air clear and clean. As soon as you finish youll feel the difference.

2. Air conditioning. Everyone likes a cooling breeze, but when it brings in the pollen its not doing your health any favours. Invest in an air purifier and close the windows to enjoy clean, fresh-feeling air when the pollen count is high.
3. Clean sheets. Dirty sheets are magnets for irritants that can set off your hayfever and have you sniffling by the time you wake up. Wash your sheets often, at least once a week if its a serious problem. Youll find that clean sheets will have you breathing (and sleeping) better throughout the night.
4. Protecting yourself outside. If youre mowing the lawn or gardening outside, wear a mask over your face to avoid breathing in the pollen and grass. This can be a simple bandanna or a proper mask, which can be found very cheaply at pharmacies in disposable packs.
5. Pets. Pet hair is a major contributor to ill health. Keeping your pets of your bed, or even out of your room, will leave you with a pet-hair free zone. It may seem an impossible task to keep your cat or dog from doing exactly as they please, so the best thing to do is distract them. Invest in a pet bed to tempt them into an out of the way corner where their shedding wont become a problem.
6. Hypo-allergenic plants. If you have a garden at your house then your plants may be one of the contributing causes of your sneezes. Flowers that give off pollen are the major culprits but there are other kinds of unexpected plants that will irritate your senses. Talk to your local garden centre about hypo-allergenic flowers and plants for your home.
7. Check out your soaps, shampoos and cleaning products for ingredients that could be setting off your allergies.
8. Fruits and vegetables can be sprayed with any number of chemicals these days. Try going organic for a while and seeing if it makes any difference to your sneezes.

If youve been regularly self-medicating yourself for your sneezes then its time to review the problem at its root cause. Purifying the air you breath is the first step towards a sniffle-free nose. If these solutions dont work then its a good idea to see a professional about your allergies.

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