Storytime | Becoming a Life Coach

Storytime | Becoming a Life Coach

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About Me: I’m Shaina, I’m a life coach and I love taking a vision (big or small) and making it a reality. My mission is to educate young people on important life skills that we aren’t taught in school, but are crucial in leading happy, successful lives.


Hey guys, Happy Wednesday. If you’re new here, I’m Shaina. Welcome to the land of bettering yourself and your life. Today, I’m telling a story- the story of how I became a life coach…(OOOH)


Once upon a time in a land, far far away …(music and effects)…just playin…

First of all, if you’ve heard parts of this story through my videos, or my website or straight from the source- my mouth…well, you’re going to hear it again and you’re going to like it. Just kidding again. Focus.

OK, how did I become a life coach…

Well, I went to a 4 year college like any high school graduate is told to do…without an idea of what I wanted to do, who I was, who I wanted to be or knowing how to write check for that matter. At college orientation, we were forced to choose a major- or in my case I opted for “undecided” because that’s how you justify paying 20 grand a year. After one semester down, I sat down with my “guidance counselor” who didn’t know my name, but who encouraged (MOCKING) me to choose. After about a 60 second deliberation, I chose textiles, merchandising and design (effect). Whatever that entialed. After realizing what a silly mistake that was, I switched to the very distinguished field of communication studies aka “undecided” with a proper name.

Ok, this story is already too long.

Fast forward. Graduated with honors. No job. No direction. No money. Living back at home. I ended up working on the front lines (pause) as a customer service rep for a well know bank. After about a year of being verbally abused by people with less money than me and being told when I could use the bathroom everyday, I landed a job in radio advertising in Hartford CT.

This is when my life changed completely. Yea, that’s not exactly true.

I promised myself I wouldn’t relive this period of my life. And yet here I am…

I was very unhappy at that job and where my life was back then. But as miserable as I was, I learned a lot. I learned all the things I didn’t want and I had a pretty big wake up call and that was…I wasn’t living up to my full potential and… After 9 months, I woke up, not being able to physically, mentally or emotionally able to do it anymore, I quit without a plan. Because that’s what intuitive people do, or idiots.

The only thing I did know for sure was that I wasn’t going to jump into a “real job” until I found what I was looking for, and that was my passion and purpose. I moved to Boston where I nannied to pay the bills. At first I got so caught up in making money that I pushed my mission aside. After about nine months there (9 months was the magic number I guess), I moved out to LA to see my mission through once and for all.

The first year was messy…

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