Stress Exercises

By gitakurnia on 2009-05-29 15:10:35

Why do we need to do Stress Exercises? Does it sound like hard work to you? I know when I visited my Doctors about 6 years ago and told that I was on my way to depression – I should go for a walk, I though “that sounds like hard work, haven’t you just go something I can take?”

Fortunately for me, my Doctor didn’t prescribe me any medication and for that I am truly grateful, because I know that I would be still taking them. Unfortunately for a lot of other folk, their Doctor is happy to prescribe pills for their anxiety.

I did go for that walk that she told me to do. I think that the exercise plus the deep breathing techniques she also informed me about, really helped me to feel a lot better. In fact there are many different kinds of exercises you can do to alleviate stress, such as:

1. Meditation – requires virtually no effort, just relax and listen

2. Gentle exercise – such as walking

3. Deep Breathing – takes a bit of concentration

4. Have a good belly laugh – Doctor’s actually advise this for cancer patients!

5. Sleep – best of all!! Your body repairs itself while you sleep.

6. Yoga

7. Stretching exercises.

So, most of the examples above are not hard at all. Of course if you want to do something more strenuous, go right ahead. But its not necessary to get rid of a bit of pent up energy.

For me, I like to do a mixture of a few of the above, however I have had the most success with Meditation.

I started with a Meditation program almost 6 years ago, and because of the results I have achieved, I totally believe in meditation and I will never stop now. The benefits I have gained from this program have been life changing.

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