Stress-Psoriasis Interconnection – Is There Stress Induced Psoriasis?


Stress is when our body or nervous system is in a distress resulting from different unfavorable factors, such as any kind of a mental trauma, physical trauma, bad news, feeling cold or being hungry, etc.).

Human’s nervous system is directly connected with the activity of the human’s brain. The brain is a very important organ, which maintains control over numerous functions of the human body, brain controls the emotions and the intellect. Emotions express the individual attitude of a person toward all sorts of experiences, including the sad and the happy.

When human being experiences negative emotions, our body starts to experience various chemicals, for example, the amount of adrenaline levels in the blood may start to rise, when we feel fear or anger.

Such emotions used to appear in people for many millennia, at the time of a real danger. Wise mother-nature supplied us with strong protective reactions. Increasing adrenaline in the body immediately leads to the increased blood coagulation, as well as it starts to contract the blood vessels. Such reactions were vital for our remote ancestors, to lessen the blood loss with injuries, to come to be more alert at the time of threat, and so on.

The 20th century brought major changes to such situations. Nowadays, a person would hardly ever “fight or flight” in any kind of a negative situation, unless it was life threatening. Instead, people do their best to look calm within the negative event, only to afterward think that event repeatedly.

The socially accepted behavior has gone through changes, but our genetic makeup practically did not change. Stress still makes our bodies to excrete adrenalin into the blood.

However, the excessive blood adrenaline isn’t being used up alongside the “fight or flight” reaction. Adrenalin stays in the blood and starts deteriorating internal organs of a human. This eventually leads to various disorders of the internal organs (e.g., kidneys, liver, intestines, and so on), and also it leads to the nervous system disorders.

Stress eventually triggers the pathologic psoriasis mechanisms, and that’s the nature of stress-psoriasis interconnection. Thus, learning to manage your stress is essential for effective psoriasis management.

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