Success and Equality


When you view life as a journey, you start to realise that you do not have to repeat your limiting or negative patterns. You start to look at how you make decisions and how you take your Self forward. You start to teach your Self that holding the true nature of who you are – which is successful – is the main condition for your engagement at all levels. Do this and watch the change.

Even one day of holding the thought of your personal non-judgmental innocence and success for future endeavours becomes a stepping stone whereby an unyielding future can begin to be unravelled, without compromising the truth of who you are and with the acceptance that everybody fights the very same hard battle of anxiety and doubt.

Regardless of apparent success, fame or fortune everybody, just by human nature, will at some point experience the grip of Self-doubt.

By seeing your Self truthfully, competent and whole, you start to see others – regardless of difference – in that same frame. We are all striving to overcome the same difficulties, which simply amount to nothing more than being human and recognising it.

With greater Self-love you can now see your world, not so much as a place where you are held but more as a classroom of Self-fulfilling completion, an adventure of fun and not fear.

There is a choice in terms of your decision-making here and that choice is yours alone. You can choose emptiness, which is simply paralysing your Self and reducing all forms of creativity to almost nothing. That emptiness then becomes a smokescreen in front of your true potential, which is always intact. It’s just a matter of having the confidence to show it.

Or you can choose the opposite to the fear by engaging without agendas in the knowledge that, regardless of where you are right now, you have an alternative which does not limit your true potential and is based on the fairness of who we all are and where exploitation or taking advantage is not part of the process.

In other words, the fairness and understanding you show your Self becomes the fairness and understanding you show others and, ultimately, the fairness and understanding the world will show you.

Then every situation and everybody is coming from a position of equality. When you go to your next meeting, in terms of a practical example, realise that – regardless of inner feelings, regardless of previous experience – there is now a decision to make and that’s a decision that’s made on equality, an equality of purpose, an equality of place.

So now you’re giving your Self an assurance as opposed to a warning.

This consistency creates the status of truthfulness. Truth is eternal and cannot be changed. Now within that process – where you have broken the loop – you have ultimately increased the stability and the ability going forward. We learn this by virtue of the fact that we want to learn it. Be optimistic and give your Self a chance, as opposed to giving your Self one more reason for staying trapped.

Always remember that lack does not exist in the creation of success. The only sense of lack within your Self that you need to correct is the lack of success that you may have felt.

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