Successful Ivf After 40

.tags As we age, we begin to notice the ticking of our biological clocks and starting or even completing our family takes on a new sense of urgency. Medical intervention in the form of in-vitro fertilisation is a stressful at the best of times but there are steps you can to vastly improve the chances of a pregnancy and making successful IVF after 40 more likely.

Stress can be a very real issue when having fertility treatment and our busy lives often magnify this. There is much evidence to show that high stress levels can cause hormonal imbalances which can disrupt the production of eggs which is a problem at any age. However, the issue is concentrated somewhat as we age as there are often less eggs to begin with and the quality can be generally lower. Therefore, managing stress is vital for successful IVF over 40 and so look at your own tried and tested ways to help you relax and if nothing seems to work, consider alternative therapies such as gentle massage. Exercise can also help, but make sure this is gentle rather than strenuous, for example a stroll outdoors or yoga.

Eating well is so important for pregnancy and it is vital that every piece of food which passes your lips is nutritious and beneficial. The best type of diet for conception is one which includes plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins and complex carbohydrates. Wherever possible, all foods should be organic and free from artificial additives. A supplement of Omega 3 oil and a pre-natal supplement can also help ensure successful IVF after 40 years of age.

Until recently, it was accepted that a woman’s eggs deteriorated quickly the closer they were to the menopause and that there was nothing which could be done to reverse this. However, there has been a recent study by a well-respected professor of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Biology in the USA which suggests that a certain diet can vastly improve egg quality and effectively turn back the clock and increase the chances of successful IVF after 40.

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