Suggested Itinerary For Touring Spain


There are so many places to see in Spain that it is certainly difficult for a tourist to plan his itinerary properly. Some of the places which you should not miss in your tour of Spain are mentioned here.


Just very near to Madrid, it is easily accessible by bus and train. Needless to say, it is beautifully connected by roads too. Merida is one of the most important historic places. Perhaps it is one of the few places where the historic buildings of the former Roman Empire are still preserved. The famous amphitheatre believed to have been built by the Romans is still preserved. It is not just one or two; there are many constructions like the Roman Bridge which belonged to the Roman period. Certainly the tourist will be left speechless with these imposing sights. Tourists, please be prepared to spare at least two days for a tour of Merida because that gives you time to go through all the places of importance in Merida. If you are planning the visit in July or August then please make it for three days, because during these two months you can watch the Greek dances and dramas that will be performed in the amphitheatre. Of course you don’t have to worry about stay and food; there are enough luxurious hotels and restaurants which will suit the budget of every tourist. The restaurants serve the local specialties.


This place is just about three hours’ journey from Seville. There are good roads and this place is not connected by train. Ronda is close to the town of Andalusia. When in Ronda do not forget to visit Pueblo Blanco, a bridge across a very deep ravine. This place is believed to be where the sport of bullfighting started. This is believed to have been started by the third generation of the Romero family. This family conducts bull fighting during the month of September. There are three great bridges worthy to be seen. These bridges are believed to have been rebuilt centuries ago. Half an hour away from Ronda, you will be amazed by the cave called Cueva de Pileta which is believed to be about 25000 years old. The cave has many beautiful paintings on its walls. Normally, this is treated as a one-day trip. But the fact is that most of the tourists stay for one more day because the place is so beautiful. Here also there are many villas and restaurants to make the visitor feel at home.

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