Switch to DISH Network for hit Hollywood movies


When it comes to satellite TV, DISH Network is a very renowned name. It has various strategically plans for the viewers of every taste and budget. It has sports packages, movie packages, and adult programming packages. Apart from English speaking packages, there are innumerable international programming packages as well. For the movie freaks, DISH Network is an ultimate choice. It offers excellent packages such as HBO, SHOWTIME, Starz, Cinemax, and Playboy TV. This means entertainment for all ages of viewers.

HBO is the number one premium channel in America. Those who love to watch movies for them this is an obvious choice. With DISH Network you can enjoy 9 different standard-definition channels. Want to watch High Definition movies? It offers 8 high-definition channels where you get to watch blockbuster movies, award winning original series as well as World Championship Boxing and many other special events.

Starz offers a total of 14 channels of which 6 are delivered in High Definition mode. Enjoy the hit Hollywood movies, new original series as well as more than 450 different movies every month by spending a very minimal cost. If you are looking for the best value in TV entertainment Starz is the ultimate choice for you. Encore (E), Starz (E), Starz Edge, Starz Cinema, Starz Comedy, Starz InBlack, and Starz Kids & Family are some of the top channels in this package.

Showtime is another most alluring package offered by DISH Network. There are 10 Channels in this package among which 5 are offered in High Definition. With Showtime you can enjoy television viewing at its best. There are channels like SHOWTIME UNLIMITED that delivers critically acclaimed original series. Watch Hollywood hit movies and SHOWTIME Sports as well. Some of the notable channels are Showtime Showcase, Showtime Extreme, Showtime Beyond, FLIX, etc.

Featuring 4 high definition and 5 standard-definition channels Cinemax offers an excellent TV viewing experience to the movie lovers. Wide and diverse array of Hollywood movies with first-run theatrical premieres are telecasted to quench the thirst of the movie lovers. 5StarMAX, ActionMAX, MoreMax, and Cinemax, etc. are some of the channels in this pack.

If you are in search for adult oriented programming, Playboy TV is the option for you. Watch late night movies, insider specials, wild reality shows and more and ignite your passion and indulge in fun with your beloved. With DISH Network, you have plenty of choices.

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