Symptoms of macular degeneration


Macular degeneration is one of the most common eye diseases among elderly people. When people are at their 40’s or 50’s, their center vision, which has the task of seeing detailed information, such as reading or playing cards,  will begin to diminish. If macular degeneration is not treated early and properly, the center vision will continue to lose, so the best way for people with macular degeneration is to seek the way to preserve their remaining vision.


You may wonder to know what causes macular degeneration. Macular degeneration can be caused by the following factors: First, it may be caused by weakened macula, which is in the center of the retina. Second, the thinning of the cells which contain the macula can also lead to macular degeneration. Third, the bleeding due to blood vessels bursting and leaking under the macula can also cause macular degeneration. Fourth, the macula is weakened and deteriorated itself gradually, which will contribute to macular degeneration. For people with macular degeneration, their center vision is weakened, but their peripheral vision can not be altered, so luckily they will have some vision left.


How people can be diagnosed of macular degeneration? What symptoms macular degeneration has? The most common symptom is people can not see clearly when they are reading. For people with different type of macular degeneration, the vision loss will be different. For most people, they will have part of their vision loss, and can see shadows with a blurry vision while reading.


The other symptom for macular degeneration is the straight lines will seem to be wavy, or people can not see the entire line with parts of lines missing. To diagnose this symptom, eye doctor will give people a test by Amsler Grid Test. From the test, eye doctor can test if people can see straight lines on a grid of horizontal and vertical lines, or see wavy lines.


People with macular degeneration will have low vision in terms of colors. So they have to take color test to check if they can distinguish different dark and dark tones, together with light and light shades. The color distinguish ability is determined by the cone cells in the retina, and from the test, the eye doctor can judge if the cone cells is impaired.


As macular degeneration will also affect our ability to see clearly while driving, so the eye doctor will also give us acuity test to see how well we can see at different vision lengths and under different lights, so in this way, he will measure their central vision loss.


Thanks to the fast development of eye technology that people can have some treatments to alleviate from macular degeneration in order to restore more vision left. And they can also wear special eye glasses to see clearly and save their remaining vision.


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