T + F = EWBA! (Trust PLUS Faith EQUALS Everything Would Be Alright)


Trusting someone is not an easy thing to do, as well as giving faith. But what will be the essence of life if we would not learn to trust people around us? Trust someone that from the start would not let us fail. Someone whom we can give our whole 100% faith.

Trust would always come together with faith. We trust someone and at the same time we are having faith to that person about the thing that we trust him/her to. Sufferings, hardships, problems are like brother and sister of our lives. They are absolutely a part of it and we cannot do anything about it. Overcoming them may be difficult if we think but having a little trust and pour it with faith I’m sure everything would be alright.

Lord our God is someone we can consider as our parent, best friend, friend because he is someone whom we can talk to, whom we could open our problems and whom we could reveal ourselves. Definitely he is someone who we can trust but trust is not enough alone. When we put our full faith to him of course everything would be alright. We must always remember that God gives us hardships and problems to make us whole. To make us a whole person and to make us a better individual who can face the obstacles and not someone who will just back out and run away and left all those problems behind. We should always ready ourselves with these problems.

Remember that God loves and always loves us. He will not condemn us. He will not leave us behind. He would always be there in good or bad times. He is someone who we can lean on. Just remember, we should put our trust and faith to him and everything would be alright.

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