Taiwan Toy Manufacturers Kaihua Gift: Create A Small Card Performance 1.1 Billion

.tags Potato products comes with a card, chip Quote But NT Sanmao money, relying on these worthless at first glance the food gifts, Kaihua industry from Print Stationery suddenly become a toy industry giant, Sell Amounted to NTD 1.106 billion yuan.

It’s fun and easy collection, won the food giant marketing budget is the key. To achieve these two requirements, Kaihua industry and with great effort. Do low-priced, high margin (about 25%) of small single-product, can be the size of 1.1 billion in annual sales, is very simple, such a business, large companies do not want to do, small companies can not afford to upgrade equipment, Kai Chinese just cut to the most suitable location.

The summer resort of the sun in southern France are strong, dark tan ten-year-olds almost every arm a tattoo sticker, water will leak out after the above “ILoveYou” words, with the coming hot season vacation, tying the stickers in potato chips have been sent on 100 million.

Leiping Min Suk in South America, Bolivia’s capital area, primary school students for breakfast is the potato chips with Pepsi Coke The children after school from the potato chips out of the fighting in the gyro is no money to buy the best after-school toys, children toys, this little top, sent around the world have accumulated more than 30 billion. Such as potato chips and Pepsi Group Beverages More than 50 countries worldwide marketing of small toys on the back, can see the manufacturer’s printed Brand GLORY, it comes from is located at a factory in Taiwan, Wu Ku??? Kaihua industry. At first glance do not rely on these valuable food gifts, stationery printing industry from Kaihua industry suddenly become a toy maker, sales of 1.106 billion yuan (NT, the same below).

Taiwan Toy Manufacturers Association statistics, the Kaihua is Taiwan’s largest gift toy manufacturers. NT single quote before San Mao money gadgets, how to make a print Family Business Suddenly turn into toy manufacturers? “The key is to be able to convince Client You can make him more toys to sell a packet of crisps! “Industrial Business Associate Chen Kaihua Stockhausen said, do free food gifts, do not represent the texture he sent. On the contrary, high in the food industry Competition The situation, the bonus gifts, sales of snack products have become the hot and not. Therefore, the product PlayAbility (playability) and can be collected, and is the food giant won a key marketing budget. To achieve these two requirements, Kaihua industry and with great effort.

Spent a year then the first order

Kaihua industrial printer promotional materials originally, and later also received gift maker Hallmark for OEM orders. But with the increased speed of printing machines, so that promotional materials can be printed simultaneously completed within the newspaper, plus labor costs increase, so that the general manager Liu Guoqing Kaihua think the direction of transition.

8 years ago, there was a similar R squatting holding companies ramp converge diff Jinchu Wo Zheng? Restored? Traditional Toys . ) Draft design drawings and asked Kaihua as senior stationery and cards can be printed, can not help but into such a small toy, then let Liu Guoqing enlightened, that in addition to stationery market, there is a called the “premium market” in the field, and take the manuscript came to Guo-Qing Liu, and even the American brand is owned Pepsi Frito-Lay. Frito-Lay main business is divided into food and beverages, and has Pepsi, sub-brand also includes the Frito-Lay (potato chips, Doritos Doritos and, Poca Boca, Cheetos Shibata Division), Tropicana ( Juice , Tropicana), etc., are each required millions of gifts from the base.

Written orders to do the first 5000 U.S. dollars, however, Kaihua has spent nearly a year. Food giveaways only at first glance, “the cartoon images printed on the plastic sheets,” but wait until the trial started when one was found not that simple. Fried potato chips just because the want to take the time to gift up to 60 degrees as the temperature with chips installed package, even after nearly a week before shipping, shipping containers as much as 80 degrees temperature, and sealed with food giveaways later, from the factory to the consumers, the average time of 4 weeks also, therefore, in the harsh temperature and shelf life limitations, to how to make plastic film is not usual, nor could the warm, greasy chips produce odor, is the first challenge facing Kaihua. “We are quite lucky, in Taiwan there is a world-class plastic factory, less than a month, to help us solve the problem.” Mr Howson said, finally finding the right raw materials, take to the customer, through the early Test The problem again. The problem is that the printing dye. Because most food gifts will be children bite, so the dye stringent requirements than the general stationery, not toxic, can not fade. R & D Director Lu Xianyu Kaihua recalled that when customers see the salesman brought there after the sample, what is not said, but eating out shopping, and then secretly take strong adhesive tape attached to the sample, then drying and cold, so a few hours After a big circle to come back shopping, the customer face to face to force tear tape and see whether it will fade, fade, then on the spot, please come home salesman. In order to get food safety certification, Kaihua has spent more than six months, so that the factory passed ISO9001, ITSRAM food-grade baking gifts supplier and the United States Association of Food Safety Health and verification (AIB) certification, it successfully won the first a list. The easy collection is usually accompanied by popular cartoon characters or movie release, therefore, how to get authorization, is another key development. In order to convince the creators to license Kaihua addition to manufacturers who already have the animation macro wide serving staff, to bring it every time a new license, Kaihua often the first to die at their own expense to send Thai teachers to Japan and other places, every day, moment to Original Master of view, failure, go back and stay up late and then revised until approved personally by the creators.

Into its own brand

Creators to get recognition, time is often a pull on nearly half a year, but the cumulative capacity out of the mandate, but allows Kaihua got the “Digimon” or “Chibi Maruko” and other popular cartoon characters of the authorization, Just “Digital Baby” printed fighting top, cumulative shipments reached more than 30 billion. “Do the low unit price, high margin (about 25%) of small single-product, with annual sales of 1.1 billion can be the size, it is very simple, this business, large companies want to do, small companies can not afford to upgrade equipment, Kaihua just cutting to the most appropriate location. “Kaihua shareholders last year to become H & Q Investment General Manager of Asia-Pacific Taiwan Chen Peng appropriate comments, “As for quality management requirements,

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