Take Action For Your Dreams, Women!


Women play more and more important roles in the life. They are given more attention to and the energy shifts around them. I believe that if enough women take action on what they consider important on a deeply personal level, we can create our new version of Globbal Warming, but in the very best sense. Let’s read this article!



The answer lies partly in the reason we smile at the old saying “If Momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” We recognize the underlying truth of it. It’s speaking about the power of influence.


What we as women do, how we feel, what we talk about and give our attention to permeates and shifts the energy around us. I believe that, if enough women take action on what’s important to them on a deeply personal level, we can create our own version of Global Warming – in the very best sense. There is the very real possibility that the underlying paradigm of our culture will shift from competition to cooperation.


So if that little voice in your head tells you that setting aside time for what is important to you is selfish, well – send that voice packing. Taking action on your vision and claiming your dreams is the most unselfish thing you can do. The world desperately needs women and their dreams.


We need to live fully and authentically. If we don’t then we leave the best part of ourselves unused. If someone gave you the keys to a mansion, would you live only in the front hallway? Peek behind the doors in your life and see what dreams you’re keeping in those other rooms. Then throw open the windows and the front door and share your good fortune.


Yes, there will be those who don’t get you. So what? They’re not the ones you’re here for. There’s someone else for them. Connect to the people who need what you’ve got.That’s enough influence for anyone.


And keep this in mind -there’s not one right way that applies to everyone. I ran into someone recently who claimed her nutritional product worked for anyone even though the evidence in my body was to the contrary. Turns out I was allergic to one of the ingredients.


In the past I listened too much to those voices. No more. I am learning to trust my own wisdom now and claim a bigger life. Won’t you join me?


What one choice can you make today to stake a claim on your dream?


Not sure what that dream might be? Look for clues in the things you love to do. Your journal is a great resource, too.


Are you stuck because you think it’s all or nothing, either/or, black and white? What third option might you be overlooking?


Who in your life supports your dreams? Spend some time with them today. If you don’t have someone, find someone. Offer to be their cheering section and you both win. That could be your first step to staking your claim.


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