Tales Behind Picture Frames


In the field of arts, perhaps the most wonderful and the most celebrated is the invention of the camera. Photography is simply defined as the process by which images are captured by an image-forming device through the use of especially-designed sensing medium. Digital, disposable, instant, field cameras are the types of cameras but their purpose is similar to each other, that is, to capture images and record events for future generations to see and to last a lifetime.

The power that still images have over us is astonishingly undeniable. Images of personalities, sceneries and even abstract art pieces have the ability to influence our opinions, principles, perspectives in life, judgment and even long-held cultural and family values.

We view photographs as touchstones to connect and reconnect families and remind us of people dear to us. How wonderful it is to see the first generation of your clan and see who looks like whom. How funny it is to see how your grandfather used to look like with hair on his head and your grandmother used to be so young and slim. How heart-warming to see a departed loved-ones framed picture on the corner vanity table, you terribly miss. Thus, our photographs live on, longer than our existence in this world to remind the future generation of their genetics, pride, legacy and sometimes shame.

These also serve as our remembrance of specific events such as birthdays, graduations, travels and even ordinary daily activities. Most mothers have a compilation of pictures of their babies milestones, from the first nail clipping to the first step ever made. Looking at old baby pictures definitely brings us back to the period where when the picture was exactly taken such that it bring so much laughter as stories are, again, narrated and recreated. Indeed, memories fade but photographs do not. Photographs have so much to tell long after we are gone.

Pictures advertise tourism. It is uncommon not to see pictures of dignitaries who stayed in whose hotels, dined in whose restaurants and among others. Their portraits are often seen hanging on hotel lobbies walls, strategically located for everyone to see. Picture frames of the city or countrys top tourist destinations are also featured either on the lobby walls or corner coffee tables.

Photos record historical personalities and historical events for writers and historians to write about. Book pages become more exciting for readers because of the colorful pictures.

Pictures can play a lot of role for people from different fields and sectors in the society. They can come as concrete and abstract in form. No matter what the pictures may look like, it is taken for some reasons. These reasons can bring a lot of benefit to the owner of the picture. There are a lot of ways where pictures can play a very important part in our life.

These are just few of the importance that pictures can have in our lives. Taking the best shots for events, persons and things are important for the family, in travelling, commercializing a business, delivering news and issues in the society and for great artists.

Indeed, photographs have so many stories to tell, long after our memories fail us. If you want the story-telling to continue, a Poster frame will do the talking for you. If you want the future generations to be reminded of their cultural heritage and ancestral history, a Picture frame will do the work.

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