Techniques to Treat Excessive Sweating and Body Odor


For most people, sweating and body odor are minor inconveniences. After taking a bath or shower and applying some deodorant, the matter is closed for most people. Some people, unfortunately, are forced to deal with excessive sweating and body odor. While everyone sweats after exercise or in hot weather, this is something much more extreme. Sweat and body odor of this kind are a serious problem that can ruin someone’s life. This can lead victims to stay at home so they don’t offend others with their condition. There are, fortunately, steps you can take to treat this problem.

One thing you have to be aware of is how much body hair you have. While you don’t have to be completely bald from head to toe, you should know that body hair can play a large role in excessive sweating and body odor. What happens is that your body hairs trap the oils that are created when you sweat. Bacteria can also get trapped on your skin in areas with body hair. Body odor can result from either of these factors. Anyone with a body odor or excessive sweating problem should consider trimming some of their body hair in order to give their skin more room to breathe.

Lontophoresis is another possibility for reducing your excessive sweating and body odor. Iontophoresis is a procedure by which water is used to transmit a mild electrical current through the person’s skin. This is something that you receive several times each week, and it is generally applied to only your hands and feet. You can find machines for sale that enable you to perform this process yourself, unless you prefer to simply visit a doctor’s office to have it done. You should research this and discuss it with your doctor, as any procedures involving electricity can be dangerous.

Botox injections can be used to help treat body odor and excessive sweating but only in extreme cases. This is not to be used for every day sweating or sweating that occurs after exercise. Botox should only be used as a last resort for intense sweating that happens and is beyond your control. The sweat glands won’t be triggered to produce because the botox blocks the nerves from sending the signals. It doesn’t take much Botox at all to completely incapacitate these glands. This approach should not be used without first talking to your doctor and an endocrinologist. Remember: Botox is poison and should not be used without a doctor’s consent, especially for this purpose. Noone thinks sweat is attractive. It may feel ok during exercise. However not long after that it becomes gross. Pleasant is not a term that describes body odor. For most of us, body odor is absolutely mortifying-especially when we’ve done everything to prevent it from occurring. Fortunately you have several options to prevent recurring excessive sweat and that nasty smell that often accompanies it. Our unique chemical makeup makes it possible for one treatment to work for one person and yet not for another. Just because a particular method didn’t work for you doesn’t mean you should stop trying other options. You will discover what works and what doesn’t. The unpleasantness of these issues will at some poin become a distant memory.

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