Technology and Celebrities in 2010

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Technology and celebrity maintain a close relationship together. Technology spreads the fame of stars and stars help technology develop at its top. As 2010 comes to a close, many magazines have released the top bing searches for this year. If the topical items of 2009 is “Swine Flu” and “Stock Market”, this year rankings reflect the popularity of celebrity news. The most searched terms are Kim Kardashian by 20% of search and Sandra Bullock as second most popular term. Needless to say, many celebrities embrace social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook while others are excited about new products like gadgets from iPod, iPhone or BlackBerries.

Here is a look back at celebrity and technology moments of 2010 – both worst and best.

Stephen Colbert brings an iPad to the Grammy Awards three months before Apple’s tablet is available in the market.


An Apple store employee in New York has accused Richard Belzer of harassing her when he was asking for help at the store. Later, the “Law & Order” star is vindicated by the security video.

Justin Bieber was exploited vulnerably on YouTube resulting in nasty comments following some videos of the singer.

Lindsay Lohan informs her failed court-ordered drug test on Twitter.

Singer Ashley Tisdale and soccer player David Beckham promote Microsoft’s motion-controlled Kinect for the Xbox game.

Singer Katy Perry accuses Microsoft for being cheap when the launch of Windows Phone 7 does not offer any open bar to participants.

Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift are both excited about the latest in computer peripherals and other gadgets showcased at the annual CES conference in Las Vegas

Actor Jason Bateman was reportedly impolite when cutting a crowd of 2,000 people waiting in line at a Los Angeles Apple store to purchase for a new iPhone 4. Jason Bateman later apologized for the action via Twitter.

Cameron Diaz is concluded as the Web’s most dangerous celebrity. According to the research by McAfee, searching for her images and videos of Cameron Diaz will lead to malicious Web pages.

“The Social Network” filming about Facebook hits the theater in October. Interestingly, the main actor Eisenberg has not used Facebook.

On the funeral of actor Tony Curtis, he was buried with his favorite possession: an Apple iPhone.




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