Teeth Whitening Risks


More and more people are having their teeth whitened. It is important that before you do you know the risks involved because, though there are few risks many people think the procedure is risk-free.

Before explaining teeth whitening risks I’ll explain the definition of teeth whitening. It is the lightening of the teeth without removing the surface enamel. While it does not usually mean a complete colour change it does lighten the existing shade to make your smile look brighter.
The usual procedure is bleaching of the teeth. A rubber shield or gel substance is placed on the gums to protect them and then a whitening product is applied using a tray that fits in the mouth like a gum shield.
The active ingredient is hydrogen peroxide. This is broken down on the tooth surface and the resulting oxygen that passes through the tooth lightens them over time.  The risk with this is sore gums. Whitening treatment costs about $ 750USD or £500.
Laser treatment involves placing a rubber dam over the teeth to protect the gums and painting the whitener on the tooth’s enamel surface. A laser is shone onto the teeth, speeding up the chemical reaction. This is a quicker way of speeding up the process but it costs about $ 1,500 (£1,000).
Following the procedure your teeth can be sensitive and your gums sore. The more you use the products the brighter and whiter your teeth will become over coming the weeks. Teeth whitening risks are few and the upside for most outweighs the temporary discomfort.
Over time our teeth are discolored from the effects of food, drink and smoking. Teeth whitening is becoming more and more popular and now with home kits based on the products the dentists use it has become affordable and effective to lighten the teeth at home.
These kits are available on free trials where you just pay for the shipping. Visit  the wesbite below for reviews of free trial teeth whitening products that ship worldwide and cost a fraction of the price of using a dentist to perform the procedure.

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