Teeth Whitening

.tags With a lot of various sorts and kinds of products and treatments for whitening teeth that are available nowadays, making and maintaining the teeth white has never been much easier. Before considering having a glowing set of white teeth, you must seek check up and assessment from a family dentist if your teeth are viable for any whitening treatment.

It must be remembered that not anyone can have and make use of teeth whitening products or treatments. There are certain circumstances that may inhibit the use of products or procedures for teeth whitening, and these serves as benchmarks for the dentist to determine if you stand a chance of having your teeth whitened.

These benchmarks for crossing out include teeth that have restorations or implants done on them, such as veneers or having been applied with dental fillings that cannot be whitened with hydrogen and carbamide peroxide and must be replaced to match the color of the adjacent teeth; internal stains that linger within the teeth; or other surgical treatments that have been done with teeth or gums.

The enamel, which is the primary layer of the surface of the tooth, is actually a partially translucent coating that protects the tooth structure. The layer underneath the enamel, which is known as dentin, is usually yellow in layer but can be also gray, brown or even blackish. This is the color that is seen through the enamel, as explained by dentist Germantown TN has.

Germantown TN dentists attest that in order to whiten up the dentine, a peroxide solution is applied to the enamel. This treatment opens up the pores of the enamel and allows the solution to seep through the dentin, lightening up the color of the dentin and whitening the appearance of the teeth.

A lot of brands of products that whiten teeth are available on the market, and they all assure that they can guarantee noticeable results in a short period of time. Whitening products directly from the dental clinic, dentally-approved take-home products, and over-the counter teeth whiteners remain three of the most common ways Germantown TN dentists accept and approve for whitening teeth.

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