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American Food
American Food
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tags Start time: 2010-01-17 End time: 2010-01-19 Venue: San Francisco Moscone Center Contact: Miss Chiu Contact Phone: 86-10-51280868 Organizers: National Association of Specialty Foods Trade

Sponsor: National Association of Specialty Foods Trade

Food Industry Network HC Show Description:

Organized by the NASFT, American Food Fair (FancyFoodShow) since 1955, has been successfully held 50 sessions; is the national characteristics of the food industry involves the most extensive, most leading exhibitions, display of various specialties, Food, beverages ranging from the conventional, natural, organic varieties. Calendar year, the world famous brands such as Ben & Jerry’s, VitaminWater, Mrs.Fields, Perrier, Carr’sWaterBiscuits, DoveBars and TerraChip. Characteristics through the United States to develop the U.S. food show features Food market .

Buyers the most comprehensive coverage Buyers from every major channels, including from the characteristics of food, Wine , Gift , Department stores, supermarkets, convenience stores, gifts, candy shop, natural food stores, restaurants, importers, distributors, intermediaries, Hotels And airlines and other related industries. Designated by the buyer procurement channels

, American Summer Food Fair has become the industry’s procurement of designated channels, to achieve an annual imports of food and beverage purchase amount to over one billion U.S. dollars.

The most influential buyers U.S. Food Exhibition to feature the quality of the persons to be said to be 85% of decision makers who are purchasing or procurement decision-making proposals were

Hundred percent chance contact with buyers

For exhibitors to provide one to one matching services, pre-arranged meetings with buyers the opportunity to feature in the 2009 U.S. Summer Food Fair organized a total of 1,500 exhibitors and the surface field activities in one to one matching

U.S. special food market dynamics:

2008, the characteristics of the total food industry Sell Volume reached a record 600 billion dollars.

2008, the specialty food retail sales reached 48 billion U.S. dollars, representing an increase of 8.4% in 2007

Features food products retail food sales accounted for 15.9%

cheese and cheese related products, sales of 3.4 billion U.S. dollars, all the characteristics of food in the first rank.

baby food, Yogurt Cheese, kefir, frozen Juice , Multi-functional beverages, these products during the period 2006-2008, an increase of 50%.

16% of the importers importing products from Asia

Features food manufacturers, the average annual sales reached 1.8 million U.S. dollars

foods store, the average annual sales of 4.2 million U.S. dollars

2009 U.S. Summer Special Food Exhibition Show Review:

2009 the number of visitors increased by 4% compared to last, breaking the previous record! 2009 Special Food Summer Show in June in New York JAV IT S Centre, attracted from 46 large national pavilions, 81 countries, 2,400 companies participated in the exhibition, the exhibition area of 316,000 square feet. Show a large number of exhibitors, mostly in Italy, Spain, France, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, South Korea, Africa, Jordan, China and other countries and regions.

Organizer Description:

The National Association of Specialty Foods Trade (NASFT) Food Trade Association of the U.S. National characteristics

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