The 5 Hottest Trends in Corporate Events

The 5 Hottest Trends in Corporate Events

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One of the best ways to make a name for yourself in the event industry is to always be on trend. Staying up-to-date and offering your clients exciting options before they’ve even heard of them will keep you at the top of their event planner list.

Here are 5 things that are hot in corporate events right now.

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Hey, this is Samantha from EventMB and today we are going to talk about 5 of the latest trends in corporate event planning.

1. Crowd-Streaming
Facebook Live allows you to broadcast live on Facebook with just your smartphone and then makes the video available in your stream afterwards, giving it preference over other content.
You can use it and so can your attendees.

Think of creative ways to encourage broadcasts and you’ll increase your word-of-mouth marketing and reach.

2. Personalized Offerings
As data gets more and more sophisticated we are seeing event planners use it as a way to predict interests, shape offerings, streamline registration and sell more tickets.

Past actions are influencing the marketing message visitors see and enable us to retarget warm leads, for greater conversion rates.

Participants can benefit from a customized event experience through personalized agendas they can shape on their own, automated networking suggestions based on past activity and interests, and auto-scheduled suggestions to help them make the most of attending the event.

3. The Softer Side
Topics like mindfulness, soft skills, and emotional intelligence will continue to be hot topics in sessions. You can also look to increase your offering in other areas, like creating sensory lounges where attendees can enjoy some down time without retreating to their hotel rooms.

4. Active Year-Round Marketing
Building word-of-mouth will soon be the only organic way to reach attendees. This means following them on social media, reaching out to industry influencers, listening for mentions, interacting with past attendees, creating an online community for recurring events, and other ways to engage throughout the year.

These actions will help to draw more sponsors and attendees.

5. Informal Thought Labs
Less formal presentations are a top trend as there is growing interest in equality between speakers and the audience. Attendees are looking for a unique learning opportunity based on the person starting the discussion and the interaction of the audience. These informal sessions hold attention longer, are more memorable, and allow the audience to address the issues they are most concerned with.

In Conclusion
These 5 areas are top trends we are seeing in corporate event planning.

In particular, personalization through data is a massive growing trend for event planners. Attendees are beginning to expect this as they see companies adapt their marketing and sales approach to each consumer.

Are you ready to incorporate these trends into your corporate events?


This was brought to you by EventMB, the number one blog for event professionals.

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