The Best Secrets to Stop Bloating


If we all slowed down and ate our food properly, there might be far fewer bloated people around! Our mothers told us to chew our food a hundred times but we never did because it would take all day. Actually a more realistic figure is 20-30 times which is doable. Here are some things to do which are the most effective ways to stop bloating.

What we eat is going to determine how fast we can digest it. Here is the secret. If we eat lots of fatty foods, then we are going to have trouble digesting that and when it reaches the large intestine, it is going to make its presence felt either in an uncomfortable bloated stomach or with excess gas. The secret then is to eat a low fat diet because that means we can digest most of the food before it reaches the large intestine and this is the best way to stop bloating. When I say high fat food, I am thinking of butter or French Fries.

People seem to treat all food as equal. Our digestive systems are rather fussy and they are going to take their time and if we eat too fast, then these enzymes which are crucial to our digestion become shell shocked and our digestion becomes slow and laboured and it may become quite difficult to stop bloating.

Another secret to stop bloating is to take our time, reduce talking, put much less food on our fork and also increase the number of times we put our fork down during the meal. This all slows down the eating process and not only does it become more pleasurable but we are giving our digestion a chance to work efficiently. Result? Much less bloating.

Another secret is to not to gulp down our food because if we do that, we are gulping in large amounts of air and that will cause bloating and in the end, it will have to be got rid of.

Everybody is different and will have no trouble in digesting certain foods. Some innocent looking fruits can cause bloating and gas. The most famous vegetable culprits are onions, potatoes, Brussels sprouts, beans, cabbage and cauliflower. Watch out for artificial sweeteners too.

If we take our time we can reduce bloating and also if we choose our foods carefully. We may still need help though as sometimes a bloated stomach can be hard to eliminate. If you are in this situation, there is a natural remedy which is the most effective one to stop bloating. Using natural ingredients such as fennel, ginger and burdock, these aid the digestive enzymes and the result is a trouble free digestion every time.

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