The Best Weight Loss Plan – Five Must Haves


Losing weight and keeping it off is not a simple task. If it was obesity wouldn’t be one of the biggest health concerns we face. Everyday you can find a new diet that promises fantastic results for the lean, healthy body you want. The list of options is endless! Sorting through the overwhelming amount of weight loss information available to know what really works and what doesn’t is challenging. How do you know which is the best weight loss plan for you?

Here are 5 essential components to look for when deciding on a weight loss plan:

1. Physical Activity and a Healthy Diet

Physical activity is essential if you want to lose weight and keep it off. Physical activity burns calories and builds muscle to boost your metabolism.

2. Flexibility

The weight loss plan must be flexible around your life. It’s unlikely you will prepare all your own meals or only eat the packaged food on a program forever. Holidays, special occasions, potlucks, etcetera will come and go every year. The plan you choose needs to give guidelines and support to enjoy the occasions and still stick with your goals.

3. Be Realistic

Dramatic losses in a short period of time sounds great, but it’s unrealistic and unhealthy. Find a plan that supports small changes over time for long term results.

4. Expert Guidance

Anyone can set up a weight loss plan and market it to individuals desperate to lose weight. Research the person who’s helping you. Are they someone qualified you can trust to guide you to results in a healthy way?

5. Long Term Support

Success doesn’t happen overnight. Depending on how much weight you have to lose it can take weeks or months. It’s hard to stay focused on the end result without long term support to keep you moving forward.

A weight loss plan that meets the above five factors is likely to lead you to success. However, there is one more component I need to mention. Taking action. Just because you find a program, read the information, go through the lessons, and learn the steps you need to implement doesn’t mean the pounds will melt away. You’ll only see results if you take action. Find your motivation and keep it as a visual reminder to take action everyday to a leaner, healthier you.

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