The brief history of Imota

The brief history of Imota

Imota is located western part of Nigeria and lies North-East of Lagos

The official language is IJEBU, and the religion is ISESE.
Way way back in 17th century,
Ekewaolu the 10th Oba Awujale of ijebu-ode begoat a son called oduse
At the end of 17th century , when a group of families Including the Adebusajo orederu, oduse and senlu loupe-oku Migrated from ijebu-ode with beaded crown oracles, slave and other insignias brought from Ili-ife and settled down under the ota tree in itun opopo imota.
In 1610 the first ranodu of imota was crown Oba Senlu Oloupe-Oku in 1610.
The name imota was derive from imu-ota Meaning “Near the ota tree”
In 1690 the first oba from the lineage of Ekewa-olu Obaruwa the 10th oba Awujale of Ijebu-ode was crown oba OREWAIYE OLUGAYAN

There are four prepared ruling houses in imota
1 Senlu Ruling House
2 Olugayan Ruling House
3 Lasademo Ruling House
4 Oyemade ruling house

In 1993 HRM Oba Mudashiru Ajibade Bakare –Agoro Was crown as the 16th Oba Ranodu of Imota

Imota major traditional festival
The following traditional festival are celebrated annually by the whoshipers .
Osi-oba festival
Oro festival
Eribi festival culminating eluku and Agemo
Jabajaba festival
Egungun festival
Ifa, Orisanla and other Oracles are been celebrated every year in imota town.

The Exterblishment of Obade market was in 1975

The Politic
In 2003 imota fully gained it political right when new local council development area was created in imota By Formal Governor Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.
The first chairman of imota LCDA. Hon. sanni Kolashade.
Imota Asphalt yard was in 2010and 20,000 metric tons rice mail capacity was in 2002 By babatude Raji fashola(SAN) Governor of Lagos State.
After 12 years of political success in imota the son of the soil NURUDEEN SAKA SHOLAJA was elected to Lagos State House of Assembly representing Imota and other communities

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