The Comedian Clown

.tags The comedian clown is one of comedy performers, common in the stage, the circus troupe, the synthesis skill program, the fine time passage, the child program and the birthday meets and so on. When they perform, is putting on the especially big shoe and the outlandish clothes, his/her face also passes through the painting, is especially more prominent by the nose part. These put on makeup are sure need to bring for the audience laugh heartily.

Usually the comedian clown can by own qiu come the entertainment audience.
The comedian clown atComedian clowntracts one of child performers, American Chain-like Fast-food restaurant MacDonald’s vivid ambassador – – MacDonald uncle, is appears by the comedian clown modelling, very receives the children to welcome, thus attracted many children to patronize.
comedian clown type

1. White face comedian clown (White face)
The typical wheat flour comedian clown, face’s bottom color will be the white, the eye nose mouth will use red or the black, other decorations can use differently, the color will embellish, the wheat flour comedian clown’s eye nose mouth size can be the same with the average person.
2. Fool/color surface comedian clown (Auguste)
The typical fool, the bottom color is red and the white, the eye nose mouth shape is the giant mouth and the eye has extravagant Bai Bian.
3. Disposition comedian clown (Character)
The typical disposition comedian clown, after is the common average person twists by the society or the human, creates comes, the disposition comedian clown will be will have the beard, the beard, the freckle, the vicissitudes feeling, bald, but actually very much will like dressing up. Most often acts the role is the tramp or the vagrant.

comedian clown character

* “Vigorously Sailor” brutus
* “Venerable teacher” Mr. Qin
* In Disney story donald duck and Gao Feigou
* American MacDonald Chain-like Fast-food restaurant vivid ambassador MacDonald uncle
* “BATMAN” inside top-quality bastard comedian clown (cartoon)

[edition] difference image

the comedian clown a word has the derogatory meaning in many usages, has funny laughable and difficult to ascend the place of refinement the meaning, is not a friendly name. For example the idioms the clumsy mischief-doer is the unimportant person who refers to the hard to bring about climate, or some statesman is the political comedian clown speakes its love to be Xiu but deficient connotation and so on. In “BATMAN” and so on super heroic story, the villain character most is the comedian clown modelling, they give the author to smear extremely.

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