The Complete Real Estate Facebook Marketing Guide!

The Complete Real Estate Facebook Marketing Guide!

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#EAPTV: For those of you experienced agents, this might be a bit beginner. But, I’m doing a complete walk through of Facebook marketing for real estate in this video.

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Click the timestamp below to immediately jump to the tutorial you’d like to watch. There are tons of #realestate #marketing tips hidden in this video. Hopefully, you find it helpful.


*Your Profile*
1:30 – Setting Up Your Facebook Profile
3:10 – Things To Share On Your Profile
4:03 – Adding 5 friends per day
4:30 – Messaging People
5:15 – Finding Groups:
5:45 – Using Groups:
7:45 – Sharing Your Blog Page

*Business Page*
9:50 – Setting Up Your Page
13:45 – Insights
15:30 – Uploading Videos
15:30 – Vs Sharing YouTube Links
15:30 – Uploading Carousel
19:00 – Boosting Posts

*External Facebook Sharing Systems*
19:37 – Hootsuite
19:37 – Buffer

*Real Estate Facebook Ads*
21:30 – Setting Up Ads
22:00 – Setting Up Pixel
23:20 – Audiences
25:45 – Uploading CSV Files
27:15 – Campaign Manager

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