The Evolution of Asset Management

The Evolution of Asset Management

Alternative investments are garnering greater attention and acceptance across the board. However, they also are entering a period of considerable change because of macroeconomic drivers, post-crisis regulation and the increasing sophistication of institutional investors. How have recent trends affected the return prospects for alternative investments? Have low yields and a declining number of publicly traded companies left too few options and too much crowding in public markets? Is the proliferation of new products affecting returns on alternative investments, and what are managers doing to differentiate themselves? Can money be better run by a machine in quantitative strategies and what edge do fundamental asset managers have? What impact will the increasing accessibility of data have? Are there models that enable managers, allocators and technology providers to cooperate to mitigate risk and enhance performance? Our panel of experts will address how the convergence of technology, regulation, and other trends are reshaping investment management.

Andrew Capon, Columnist, Euromoney Magazine

Janet Cowell, Treasurer, North Carolina

Rick Lacaille, Executive Vice President and Global Chief Investment Officer, State Street Global Advisors

Igor Tulchinsky, Founder and CEO, WorldQuant LLC

Gregory Williamson, Chief Investment Officer, American Red Cross

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