The Expedition Of Bollywood Music

.tags When someone thinks about Bollywood, the first thing that instantaneously springs up into ones mind is Bollywood music. Bollywood without its music is like a flower without its fragrance. The core essence of Indian Cinema has always been its music and will continue to be so in years to come. Be it two lovers dancing around a tree or a soldier on duty remembering his wife and mother or a bunch of friends going to Goa on a road-trip, Bollywood has songs for almost all kinds of on-screen situations and relationships. Moreover, amazingly talented lyricists like Gulzar, Javed Akhtar, Prasoon Joshi and many more with their innate ability to write, have made articulating feelings and emotions so much simpler. And of-course our immensely endowed music-directors also never leave any stones unturned in providing myriad magna opera in terms of extra-ordinarily brilliant music to the Indian Film Industry.

The Indian audience has got so much habituated to the presence of dozens of songs and dance numbers in almost all the Hindi films, that one can say that in case of Indian Cinema, music plays a more vital role than the star cast and the story line. The typical Bollywood music also known as filmy music on todays date has become internationally popular and you will find in-numerous videos on YouTube uploaded by people from all across the globe singing Hindi songs like Tu Jaane Na etc by themselves. That is the amount of popularity that today, Indian Cinema and Bollywood music have acquired worldwide. The history of Bollywood music has been very intriguing. It started in the late 50s when the concept of playback singing did not exist and hence, the actors had to croon their own songs while shooting it, followed by the evergreen era of dance numbers and cabaret that began in the early 70s. By the beginning of 90s Bollywood music had started getting highly influenced by the western harmonies, however, still somehow it managed to keep its original essence intact and thus, Bollywood music had made a huge impact on the public by then and had become the most integral and soulful part o.f the Indian Cinema.

But today, the definition of Bollywood music has changed upside down. Gone are the days of songs with a hint of nasal tone or the famous yodeling. Bollywood stands for much more today. The vivid variety of lyrics and compositions that the Indian film industry dishes out today is enough to give a tough competition to any international level musician. Young music directors like the duos of Vishal-Shekhar and Salim-Suleman etc. are ruling over peoples heart by making such wondrously mushy or tub-thumping peppy tracks. The range of instruments, the quality of studio and mike etc. that is available today is something that if ace musicians like S.D Burman or R.D Burman had then they could have created magic with their music. However, musicians like A.R Rehman and Shankar Ehsaan Loy are no less as they creating appalling music and masterpieces like Jai Ho and Maa respectively. The level of acceptance by the Indian audience has also matured tremendously and offbeat songs like the ones of Dev.D also succeed in getting a position in the chartbusters. Thus, Bollywood music or the Filmy music as they put it has come a very long way from the 50s till today but it still oozes out with freshness and never fails to appeal the listeners with its zest and zeal.

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