The Fantasy of LCD Televisions


Today’s technology has made the televisions slim and thin. People of the UK have started saying good bye to those traditional thicker and heavier CRT (cathode ray tube) televisions. These thinner and lighter televisions are called as LCD TVs. LCD stand for liquid crystal display. The LCD TVs are more practical than all the other types and they are the most widely produced and sold all over the UK market. It has gained a greater approbation from the customers.

A colored image produced by the LCD displays is due to the filtration of the white light. This is achieved by using cold cathode fluorescent lamps where white or colored LEDs are used in the other types of televisions. This is because the images of LCD televisions are comparatively of higher quality than the CRT televisions with accelerating sales figures.

The alacrity of UK people towards the latest LCD televisions is mainly because of the stupefying appearance of them in the homes. They look too good and attractive than those traditional CRTs. They are fully built with enough fantasy and ecstasy with handy remote controls. These remote controls are more sensitive and built with reverse handling technology.

The latest LCD TVs are coming with desirable screen sizes. So, the people can choose the screen size according to the size of their room. Earlier these came with 17, 19 up to 21 inches. Now, the LCD TVs are coming with 23, 25, 27 and 32 up to 50 inches with TFT technologies. Further higher screen sizes are used in the public localities like railway stations, shopping malls, airports and certain other places which may be of 52, 55 and 56 up to 65 inches. The prices rise along with the screen sizes.

Sony, Samsung, LG, Philips, Panasonic are the leading manufacturers of LCD televisions. Certain TVs are now being built with 3W stereo speakers with high quality bass and surround sound effects. They are providing a greater audio quality of in terms of music, TV programs or movies. Some latest LCD TVs come with a built in TV tuner. So, you can even connect the LCD with your personal computer.

The price range deliberately depends on the built in features. The cheaper LCDs are of the range £200 to £400 and the moderate televisions are of £600 up to £1000. With higher features, LCD TVs with £ 1500 up to £ 2000 are available in the market. The screen size and the display technology mainly depict the prices of these televisions. There are many retailers for these televisions throughout the UK and almost all the popular brands are available in the market. Many offers are also provided regarding the purchase of LCD TV. By analyzing the features and comparing the price ranges among various brands, you can opt for the best LCD TV for your home.

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